Crystal Palace with peanuts and tree nuts – Quick Review

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The Crystal Palace with peanut and tree nut allergies

This quick review was provided by Janelle, who is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

We had a wonderful experience at the Crystal Palace for breakfast with my two year old. By far his favorite meal of the trip, we like to arrive early before the park opens and enjoy breakfast without feeling rushed.

The chef arrived and took me straight to the buffet – Nearly everything was safe for my son. However, he was very clear to point out the items that were not and to tell me why. For instance, most of the baked goods were not and he made a point of telling me about the one that had almond flour – he was very clear and reassuring. He also told me if we needed anything special to let him know. He spent a lot of time making himself available in the dining room and I was very impressed by the service and care.

After eating at Chef Mickey’s the evening before, I had low expectations. Crystal Palace will remain on our dining list for every Disney vacation.

Recommend Crystal Palace for tree nuts and peanuts?: Yes

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Be Our Guest food allergy lunch quick review

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This quick review was provided by Debi, who is allergic to gluten.

Dining at Be Our Guest with food allergiesI ordered the Turkey Sandwich for lunch at Be Our Guest. It normally is served on a baguette, but for me, I believe it was a Udi’s HotDog Bun. It was very tasty. Since this was my first trip with food allergies, I was concerned. I ordered from the screen by touching the food allergies. From there you could select your allergy & they pulled up what is good for you. Dining gluten-free at Be Our GuestSitting at our table with our magic rose, they brought my meal out separate than my dining companions. It had a flag in it marking it as allergy friendly. The taste was great, I could actually go for one right now. Worth checking out.

Recommend for gluten: Yes

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Akershus Royal Banquet Hall with food allergies

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This quick review was provided by Gretchen, whose son is allergic to peanut, cashew, egg, and dairy.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall with multiple food allergiesAbout 5 minutes after being seated, a chef arrived at our table to walk us through the appetizer buffet. He wouldn’t prepare anything for us in the kitchen, but just told us to avoid baked items like bread. I was not impressed. The chef came back to our table and said he could make baked chicken and potatoes with carrots, corn and fresh fruit.

Even though it was ordered before the rest of our party’s entrees, DS’s allergy-free plate didn’t arrive until a full 10 minutes after everyone else had started eating. I’m glad we had brought our “just in case” stash of food for him to snack on while our 3yo waited impatiently for real food. His older sister was the reason we ate here (princess dinner), but the 3yo boy enjoyed it all, too. If you have a girl enamored with princesses, it might be worth it. But for boys….I’d pass and find somewhere else.

Recommend for peanut, cashew, egg, and dairy: Maybe

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Chef Mickey’s with multiple food allergies

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This quick review was provided by Emily, whose son is allergic to Eggs, Dairy and Nuts.

Chef Mickey's entry sign

This is one of our family’s favorite restaurants. The chef came out and spoke to us. Checked to see if they had the allergy free nuggets and came back to let us know that they did. Chef Mickey's dining with food allergiesThey made him fries and got him apple slices, too. The chef checked on us numerous times. The characters really help when you have food allergies. Often the food takes longer to make, so it was a nice distraction for our son. They offered desert but my son didn’t want any. He loves this restaurant and asks to come back all the time.

Recommend for Eggs, Dairy and Nuts: Yes

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FASTPASS for dining – New automation with options for food allergies

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Disney FASTPASS dining with food allergy options

Disney is testing a new FASTPASS type system for dining reservations. In a way, this almost turns a dine-in restaurant into a quick service restaurant. It allows you to pick a time, order your food and, when you arrive, you are allowed right into the dining room and your food is delivered to your table. They tested this briefly at Be Our Guest and said it was a big success.

This is not the big news, though.

Back in February of 2012, Disney tested interactive menus at the Hollywood Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios. And, if you specified a food allergy, the menu eliminated those foods that contained your allergen. This was very limiting for some diners. In the end, if you had a food allergy, you would speak to chef as normal, which was much more reassuring anyway. The interactive menu simply presented some options to make you aware of the options the chef might offer.

So, the new system may be a combination of the “FASTPASS dining” and the interactive menu, with one key difference; instead of removing the menu items that contain your food allergen, it can keep those items with ingredient substitutions. This is much better than the Brown Derby test since it gives you even more options. However, like the Brown Derby scenario, you will still speak to a chef, which is the protocol for all dine-in restaurants.

According to the food service manager we spoke to, this is still very preliminary and is about to begin testing, along with many new automation options, like FASTPASS+, testing now. We can’t wait to give it a try! Let us know if you get to participate.

UPDATE: After a Facebook comment, I thought I should clarify one point. In the BOG test, you had the option to order your food ahead of time if you knew exactly what you wanted. It wasn’t a requirement of the service. The reservation priority is a big seller since, especially at BOG, there has been quite a wait, even with a reservation time.

Tusker House food allergy Guest Review

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We are excited to have Janeen provide this fabulous guest review of her dining experience at Tusker House in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Her son is allergic to wheat, rye, barley, oat, egg, peanut, and tree nuts.

Tusker House - Africa - Animal Kingdom - food allergiesI made our reservation a few months before we traveled to Disney World. I made the reservation via Disney’s online reservations and it has an area where you can list all of your food allergies or special needs. When we arrived at Tusker House to check in, the hostess was already aware of my sons special needs as our reservation was flagged with “Food Allergies”. Due to the time of year that we went, the dining room wasn’t as crowded as I expected and even though we arrived 20 minutes early, we were seated right away. Our original reservation was for 10 AM.

Dining with food allergies at Tusker House in Animal KingdomBecause this restaurant is in Animal Kingdom, it has a safari feel to it. The characters themselves (Mickey, Donald, Daisy Duck, and Goofy are dressed in safari type outfits). The seating is comfortable and the tables are not too close together. Even though we were seated at the back of the restaurant, none of the tables were too far from the buffet. As you are dining, the characters come around to the tables to say hello, sign autographs and take photos with the customers. There is also a parade that takes place with the characters and the children are a part of it. Each child receives a percussion type instrument and they parade around the restaurant with the characters to music. Even my 10 years old son enjoyed this. It was a lot of fun.

Food allergies are no problem at Tusker House in Animal KingdomWhen we were seated, our server was also already aware of the food allergies. She took our drink order and went to the kitchen to let the chef know that we had a special order. The chef came to our table and let me know exactly what was safe on the menu for my sons allergies. Even though there were other safe options my son chose to have fruit, bacon, hash browns, rice and waffles. Because this restaurant is buffet style and buffets are never safe for food allergies due to cross contamination, my son was brought out a safe plate of food directly from the kitchen by the chef. The chef had also made my son safe Mickey shaped waffles which were really cute. We all ordered jungle juice to drink and it was really delicious.

The waitress and the chef came to the table at various points to make sure that everything was fine for my son. When he needed more bacon, the chef brought out extra from the kitchen along with some extras of the other food items he had originally requested. They really took great care with him and he never wanted for anything. Our dining experience and the staff at the Tusker House was top notch.

Some suggestions that I have are:

  1. Make your reservations in advance.
  2. Tell everyone and anyone who is handling your dining experience about your food allergies.
  3. Make sure to have the chef or the manager facilitate the food allergy order.
  4. If you are dining at a facility that has a buffet, make sure that your food comes directly from the kitchen and not the buffet.

You can find out more about our Disney World Dining experience at my blog

Janeen Zumerling is a Health Community Manager, Blogger and Food Allergy Advocate. She can be found blogging at: (Our Story: The Good, the Bad, and the Food Allergies) and at (Mom’s Food Allergy Diner). A former Sales and Marketing Representative, Janeen is currently a stay at home mom and lives in Ohio with her husband and two young sons one of whom has multiple life threatening food allergies and asthma.

Thanks, Janeen, for submitting this review of Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. If you found this helpful, please be sure to give her a thumbs up or share this on Facebook.


The Garden Grill food allergy Guest Review

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We are so excited to have Jane provide this guest review of her gluten-free dining experience.

My family and I recently returned from an annual trip to Disney World. One of the most surprising dining experiences was at the Garden Grill in Epcot, the wonderful revolving restaurant. Reservations had been made, as our party has two people with Celiac disease, no wheat, gluten, barley or oats and one Vegetarian. We were greeted and escorted to our table quickly around 6:00 pm, restaurant was full. This is also a character dining experience, you get to meet Goofy, Pluto and Chip & Dale while you dine. My grandson is getting a little old (almost 12) for pictures with characters, but he humored us adults. The waitress, a lovely woman from Brazil was very pleasant and helpful, when she saw the tickets with the allergies listed she immediately said the Chef would be right out. Chef arrived and talked over everything with us. Surprisingly all the food was Gluten free except the rolls, but gluten free rolls would be provided.

This restaurant is family style with servings of Roast Beef, Roast Turkey and Baked Fish. There is also a wonderful large salad served, which was brought with the bacon bits on the side.The vegetarian offering was really generous, my son received a very large plate of mixed vegetables with mashed potatoes and two smaller sides. The waitress informed him that the rice was cooked in chicken broth and for him to avoid it, she then brought the two smaller sides to fill in his selection for him.

Everything was delicious, and served so nicely, not the usual platters and bowls full of food, but all arranged beautifully on a long platter. We did get a second platter and put a pretty good dent in it. Dining gluten-free at the Garden GrillThe Turkey was served with mashed potatoes & gravy, the roast beef had a wine butter and the baked fish was served over rice, there was also a dish of green beans. Dessert was warm apple crisp and brownie sundaes for the those who could not eat oats.

This was a very enjoyable dining experience and I would recommend it to anyone with any food allergy, they can accommodate you.

Bye for now, Jane

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BabyCakes NYC in Downtown Disney Delivers…Cakes!!!

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This is exciting news! We had a tradition (OK, for 2 trips) to have a dairy-free cake delivered to 1900 Park Fare or Cinderella’s Royal Table for our little Princess, early in our trip. She would enjoy that cake at the hotel for the rest of the week. Then, along came BabyCakes NYC to Downtown Disney, and everything changed. It became our first and last stops of the trip.

BabyCakes NYC - food allergy friendly bakery in Downtown DisneyNow, BabyCakes NYC can deliver cakes to Disney World, offering the best of two already great options.

Having a cake delivered to a dining event is already truly exciting for a child with food allergies. And our friends at BabyCakes NYC have the most delicious allergen-friendly and vegan baked goods on the planet. Therefore, having a BabyCakes NYC cake delivered to a Disney dining event has to be just as exciting as dining with Mickey Mouse or the entire Disney Princess Royal Family. At least, for a child with food allergies, it ranks right up there.

BabyCakes NYC offers a 6″ round cake (serves 8-10) in a number of different flavors including:  Vanilla, Chocolate, Carrot, Lemon, Brownie, Blondie, Banana, and Pumpkin. And they can also write personalized inscriptions, too!

Guests can place their cake orders by calling the bakery directly (407.938.9044).  They just need to have their reservation date, time, and confirmation number handy. BabyCakes NYC asks for at least one week notice for these orders, but the earlier the better!

We can hardly wait until our next trip to bring back this tradition. Of course, we’ll still have to stop in at BabyCakes NYC upon arrival in Orlando!

Disney autograph pillow case

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Disney character autographs on a pillow

Disney character autographs on an embroidered pillow

I found this really cute pillowcase on Etsy. Originally offered in red, yellow and black thread, I asked CrossbonesandCastles to change the thread color to Cinderella pink and blue. It matches my daughter’s sheets perfectly!

Not only does it look really cute, it was a lot of fun having the Disney characters sign it. We used a clipboard inside the case and four big paper clips to provide a solid surface to sign. It also kept the fabric markers from bleeding on to the back side of the pillow case. We chose matching colors for each character, where we could, and then positioned the case for each signature, then handed them the pin. Most of them loved it and looked at all of the other autographs. I love Eyore’s signature, and have a special place on the case for him to sign it on our next trip.

Our daughter wants all of the Disney Fairies to sign the back.

We’ve planned our next trip for October for the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and we’re going to make a Halloween version for our living room. I’m thinking about a white zipped oblong sofa pillow to have all of the Disney villans sign! We’ll post it once we get back.


Return to Cinderella’s Royal Table – food allergy dining review

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Allergy-free Chicken FingersDine in a fairytale castle atmosphere complete with a photo of you (or your child) with Cinderella. We’ve seen large parties (10-12) pose with Cinderella for a photo. The photo is included with your meal. During your meal, other Disney Princesses will visit your table for photos and autographs. Boys enjoy the fun with swords and your little princess will get a wand, of course!  Everyone receives a “wishing star” to hold while the entire castle dining room wishes together.

Major Domo's Favorite PieAs always, remind the Cast Members of your food allergy as you check in. Remind you waiter and ask to see the chef — they usually offer when you mention a food allergy. They are extremely accommodating here and want you to truly enjoy yourself. I always view the menu online to find meal options to suggest to the chef, for our dairy allergy. However, I’m always pleasantly surprised to find that the chef has more options — often better than I had imagined.

Chef Nicholas at Cinderella's Royal TableBe sure to make your advanced dining reservations as soon as possible, 180 days in advance, if possible. They really fill up quickly. I’ve phoned in at 7:00 AM to find a 30 minute hold time to make reservations 180 days ahead of time. Try to book online, if you can. Also, if you plan to visit the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, make that reservation 2 hours before your reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table. They tend to run very slow and you can always overlap your dining reservation. If this happens, inform the hostess at Cinderella’s Royal Table how long your Bibbidi Bobbidy Boutique appointment is running behind and they will usually make the necessary changes in your dining reservation.

Along with the magic of Cinderella, her castle and the other Disney Princesses, we pre-order an allergy free cake to be delivered as dessert. This never fails to excite our daughter, since it’s rare that she has dessert if we’re dining out. After our meal, we ride a few more rides, then return to our hotel to store the cake in the refrigerator to be enjoyed all week!

Our last visit was just as magical as our previous visits. Our daughter had the allergy free chicken tenders, a mixed garden salad with raspberry dressing, mixed fruit plate (strawberries, melon and cantaloupe), roasted home fried potatoes, and the custom-delivered chocolate cake.

We both had Major Domo’s pie — shredded beef simmered in a rich cabernet sauce, served with mashed potatoes, veggies all on top a pillowed puff pastry. We also had an opportunity to order dessert, because our daughter was able to have dessert (the chocolate cake that we ordered)! We ordered the chocolate cream cheese buckle. It was creamy, subtly tart and all around delicious!. Chef Nicholas and the other Cast Members took excellent care of our daughter. We love you Chef Nicholas!

Click to see a large version of the menu

Read about our first visit to Cinderella’s Royal Table