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What in the world is a fish extender?

A fish extender is a set of pockets that hang from your brass message hook (which is shaped like a fish) next to each stateroom door. You can make them yourself, or buy them online. Etsy has several talented shops that make and sell them.  You can find all sorts of designs and personalization options.
Check Etsy for lots of Fish Extender optionsAnother Fish Extender on the Disney MagicFish Extender on the Disney MagicFish Extenders are a whole lot of funFish Extenders aboard the Disney Magic

But, this is very important, you have to join an Fish Extender or “FE” group to get gifts delivered to your FE pockets. If you’re traveling with a large group, you can create your own FE group — schedule the days for certain people, etc. Or, if traveling with just your family or a couple of friends, join an FE group on the DISboards, the discussion board service. To do this on the DISboards, simply search for the thread for your cruise. Then, search for the Fish Extender organizer on that thread and join. The Fish Extender organizer will send out a list of cabins with names of guests, and each of the children’s age, gender, food allergies (list yours if not asked!), special events being celebrated, and more. Some cruises have large Fish Extender groups, and are broken down into several groups.

Now for the Fish Extender gifts…

You will only be obligated to pass out your Fish Extender gifts on one day. However, you may want to do Pirate Night, Christmas or any other occasion, too.

Fish Extender tips

Fish Extender Gift ideas

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Fun Christmas ornament Fish Extender gifts
Fun Pirate themed Fish Extender gift
More pirate themed Fish Extender gifts
Fish Extender gift - cute paper clips
Fish Extender gifts commemorating the cruise date
  • Christmas ornaments with ship name and date. We loved ours and hung them on our tree last year, and will forever.
  • Pirate coins, eye patches, bandanas
  • Magnets for the doors — see examples on Etsy
  • Dry erase board and markers
  • Personalized highlighters to mark their Navigators
  • Cute pads of paper with pencils and crayons for the little ones
  • Barrets for little girls
  • Door hangers (photo 3236)
  • Goodie bags with all sorts of cute items
  • Decorated wooden clothespins with magnetic backing
  • Gold coins (non-chocolate for those with food allergies) in gold mesh bag with leather tie
  • Keychains
  • Disney soap favors in ribbon tied bag
  • Magic wands
  • Glow sticks for pirate night
  • Bracelets
  • Little packets of hand sanitizer with your a personalized label, like with Mickey Mouse’s hand! (see pinterest)
  • Little bottles
  • Disney themed  luggage tags
  • Miniature shadow box fridge maget
  • Post-it note holders
  • Disney homemade coasters using maps
  • Posit clip boards
  • Homemade bookmarks


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