Celebrating 10 Years of Allergy Free Mouse!

At the pool with a food allergy on a Disney Cruise

Food and Safety

Okay — there is food everywhere! Take wipes and be on the lookout. There is food near the pool, as you can see. I simply asked this little girl to be careful, explaining that my daughter was allergic to dairy and asked her to please throw it away when she was finished. She did. Some pools have no lifeguards and some have a low ratio of lifeguards to swimmers. So, food, running and horseplay is common at the pool.

The pools all have some sort of food service nearby; Goofy’s Gallery (hamburgers, tacos, chicken strips, fries), Pinocchio’s Pizzeria, soft-serve ice cream, and Pluto’s Dog House. My daughter couldn’t eat any of the food offerings, but was okay in the pool. I was on HIGH ALERT, but she was fine. However, the pool water is pretty murky.  By the end of the cruise, you can no longer see Goofy’s face painted on the bottom. That’s when we opted not to swim!

As with Disney World, the staff is trained with food allergy protocols. My daughter didn’t once have hives or symptoms of anaphylaxis. That alone was worth the trip! She had so much fun at sea, and it was safe with my watchful eye!

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