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The Magic Disney Cruise Liner

More Disney Cruise Restaurant Tips


Palo Restaurant on the Disney MagicCall DCL and find out which night is Pirate night, formal night and semi-formal night. Make reservations at Palo after the 3rd night. You will want to eat at the 1st rotation at each restaurant and you probably don’t want to miss Pirate night away from the kids, while at Palo. You can only book one dinner and one brunch at Palo. Once you board the ship, you may add another reservation.

Wait staff

Make good friends with your waiters. Explain your food allergy in a warm and kind manner. They will be your servers for dinner on the entire cruise. Get to know the head waiter, or maitre d’ — he’s your link to the chefs!  Kindness and appreciation for all they do for us with food allergies should never be taken for granted.

Extra Desserts and Food Snacks

Remember, your food is included in your fare. If your food allergic child finds a dessert or food item they really like, ask for another serving or two to go. The same menu items aren’t served every night and different chefs may prepare something a little different. Having something on-hand will help if you find your child doesn’t care for the options at another meal. Plus, food allergic kids can’t snack all over the boat like other kids can. So having a little treat in the fridge helps with this, too.

Room Service

I would order this through the head waiter ahead of time and, when it’s delivered to your room, clean and keep the silverware in case your need it for later, for leftovers you may have in the fridge. Don’t leave it out in the open, as the housekeeping staff will take it, only doing what others would expect.


Free iced tea (pre-made by Lipton 🙁 ) and soft drinks, are available on deck 9 near the pool. If you order them at a bar, they will cost you $1.75 each.


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