Celebrating 10 Years of Allergy Free Mouse!

Everything Pop dining with dairy, peanut and tree nut allergies

We’re back at the Pop Century resort, starting off a short trip. Everything is a little different at Everything Pop while Covid-19 is still present. They, like all Disney World quick service locations, are only accepting mobile orders. But Everything Pop is one that does not have food allergy options on the menu. We placed a mobile order for us and then we asked to speak to a chef and were allowed in before our mobile order was ready.

We met with Chef Jose to order our daughter’s favorite Mickey Waffles, bacon and breakfast potatoes. He gave us a pager that would buzz when time to meet him when her food was read. Then we updated our mobile order to indicate we were there so they could prepare our food.

It took no time at all for him to prepare her waffles and bacon. He added apple slices and apple juice to the order and then delivered it to us. Then, we stopped at the beverage area, which is closed off and run by Cast Members to place your beverages on your tray.

Once you have your food, you can find a seat inside, all separated by empty booths for social distancing, or one of the ten or so tables outside. Once you sit, you can remove your mask, of course. We took our food to-go and ate in the room. It’s not quite the same experience, but still safe for food allergies.

Once you have mobile order, indicate you have arrived and are notified that your order is ready, they let you into the restaurant.

All of the food stations are closed to the public, with tables spaced apart to retrieve your food.

Drink stations are staffed by Cast Members to prepare your beverages.