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Akershus Royal Banquet Hall with food allergies

This quick review was provided by Gretchen, whose son is allergic to peanut, cashew, egg, and dairy.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall with multiple food allergiesAbout 5 minutes after being seated, a chef arrived at our table to walk us through the appetizer buffet. He wouldn’t prepare anything for us in the kitchen, but just told us to avoid baked items like bread. I was not impressed. The chef came back to our table and said he could make baked chicken and potatoes with carrots, corn and fresh fruit.

Even though it was ordered before the rest of our party’s entrees, DS’s allergy-free plate didn’t arrive until a full 10 minutes after everyone else had started eating. I’m glad we had brought our “just in case” stash of food for him to snack on while our 3yo waited impatiently for real food. His older sister was the reason we ate here (princess dinner), but the 3yo boy enjoyed it all, too. If you have a girl enamored with princesses, it might be worth it. But for boys….I’d pass and find somewhere else.

Recommend for peanut, cashew, egg, and dairy: Maybe

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6 thoughts on “Akershus Royal Banquet Hall with food allergies”

  1. This is shocking. I tell people that the chef at buffets and topping bars will go to the kitchen and get fresh food. The main concern with buffets are the people who cross contaminate not the actual food.

    Eggs, dairy and nuts are in many foods as well as processed in plants and kitchens with those items. I write online reviews and specialize in vegan and all the special diets. There are so many hidden things in food and so many things that have ingredients not found in food and drinks.

    Normally a person with nut, eggs, and dairy should find plenty of items on the buffet line to eat. The baked chicken is on the menu so they should have easily got some from the kitchen. I have this restaurant down at my next 36 places to try, long list. THIS SCARES ME!!!

  2. We’ve been to Akershus many, many times and the chefs always worked with us to bring fresh items from the kitchen. We’ve never had a problem, so I hope this was just an exception. It really is one of the best Princess meet and greet experiences.

  3. Money is tight but when I am on my feet I will check out this restaurant to verify, probably next month. I am with Allergy Free Mouse on usually having great rapport with staff.

  4. Has this changed at all. This will be our first vacation with allergies. And both my kids are in love with all the princesses. So I’m just curious if the Chef will make separate.

    1. We haven’t been to Akershus lately, but the policy is still in effect for all Disney-owned restaurants. Depending on your allergies, the chef may want to walk you through the buffet recommending those items that do not contain your allergens. However, if you express your concern for cross-contamination, they will offer to make it fresh for you. Just make sure you stress the severity and be polite. They are busy, but your safety is their primary concern.

  5. I suggest going on Facebook and asking. Twitter also.
    Gluten Free Dairy Free
    Gluten Free in Orlando

    There is a couple groups I follow onFB that deal with allergies. I believe they are supposed to make things in the back if asked. Disney has strict training and protocol as well as testing. They run their food stricter than a drill sergeant. You can also ask on various WDW groups.
    Sorry we aren’t much help

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