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Sunshine Seasons with dairy and egg food allergies

This quick review was provided by Gillian, whose daughter is allergic to dairy and egg. Read her full Disney World food allergy trip report here.

sunshine-seasonsAfter speaking with manager, we were told the only thing safe for my daughter on the children’s menu was the beef stir-fry or the chicken leg meal.  The manager said it had to be served with the listed allergy menu sides and we could not change them since they were safe for her allergy.  She said it was fine for her to have the food from behind the counter that was being dished out by the servers, but when I said I was uncomfortable about cross contamination she said there wouldn’t be any.  But changed her mind when I showed her the server using the same utensil for multiple items.  Actually the manager seemed confused by the whole allergy menu thing and had to keep going to the back to “double check” things with the chefs. She also asked twice for me to confirm which allergens and marked soy instead of egg initially.   It really made me feel uneasy.

So we ended up settling on just green beans and chicken leg and bought our daughter a whole box of Enjoy Life cookies and some other safe labelled packaged items.  Our meals were also disappointing here.  I would not go back.  I had hoped it served fresh/ethnic type dishes, but it seemed more like greasy high school cafeteria.  Big bummer for us.

Read the full Disney World food allergy trip report here.

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