Satu’li Canteen with dairy, peanut and tree nut allergies

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Pandora at Animal KingdomThe Disney Culinary Imagineers did an amazing job putting together a menu with many delicious and unique allergen-free meals.  First, it’s a bit different from most other quick service locations, which is probably due to its Asian influences. First, you select your protein, like chicken, beef, tofu or shrimp. The chicken and beef are wood-grilled at a station visible upon entering the canteen. The tofu is chili-spiced and fried. Next, you select a base, such as rice or noodles, then you pick a sauce.  They also have a list of combinations to make ordering easy. See the menu for the full list.

Our favorite is the chicken, rice and bean sauce, which is more of a mildly spicy vinaigrette sauce. It’s delicious and we always ask for extra. This option is straight off the menu and is free of dairy, peanut and tree nut. However, we still specify our allergies when ordering.  They do have an allergy menu, of course. However, after discovering this fantastic combination, we only consult it to make sure nothing has changed. You may notice on the allergy-friendly menu, most of the options are the same across allergen categories, except for fish/shellfish and soy.

As a Disney World Passholder, we have the luxury of entering a park just for a meal. On this last trip to Disney World, we made the trip on the fabulous Disney Transportation System bus all the way to Animal Kingdom just for lunch at Satu’li Canteen. It is that good. Of course, we also stopped at Tamu Tamu for a Dole Whip.

See the full menu here on the Disney website.

Hollywood Brown Derby dining free of wheat, dairy, nuts and shellfish

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Hollywood Brown Derby with multiple food allergies

This quick review was provided by a reader, whose daughter is allergic to wheat, dairy, all nuts and shellfish.

We have eaten here a few times and they do a great job! My daughter is allergic to wheat, dairy, all nuts and shellfish. They prepared a safe meal for her, and even had warm rolls for her to start! We will certainly be there again on our next trip to Disney World!

Recommend Hollywood Brown Derby for those allergic to wheat, dairy, nuts and shellfish?: Yes

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Aulani review with multiple food allergies

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Jennifer and Kyle at Aulani with food allergies

Special diets: allergic to tree nuts, peanuts, potato, wheat, and sorghum; dairy intolerance; vegan preference

This quick review was provided by Jennifer, who is allergic to tree nuts, peanuts, potato, wheat, and sorghum, is dairy intolerent and has a vegan preference.

AULANI, in general: The food at Aulani is simple, based mostly on Hawaiian and Japanese cuisine.  There are only two small table service restaurants.  As such, options here can be somewhat limited, depending on your allergies.  For picky eaters and people with long allergy and special diet lists like mine, there aren’t many options, but the chefs are fantastic at coming up with creative menus and new ideas to provide safe and pleasing meals.  The chefs provide the same high-end allergy service you expect from Disney, though they have fewer ingredients to work with.  We were very satisfied with the food service, overall.

The chefs circulate between both restaurants, so you will begin to see familiar faces in both places if you go back often. We had one particular (and very good) chef three times: once at Makahiki and twice at ‘AMA’AMA.

The main gift shop sells a small selection of ‘Snacks with Character’, which are allergy-friendly treats, but not all top-10-free.  Some were Enjoy Life treats.  Be sure to check the labels on every item, every time!

The chef we spoke with before our visit told us that the only safe places for me to eat would be Makahiki, ‘AMA’AMA, and the shave ice stand.  The quick service locations and luau wouldn’t be able to accommodate my allergy list.

Studio rooms have a kitchenette that is great for preparing simple meals.  You can also request a rice cooker to use in your room.  For the two of us, this combination of microwave, fridge, and rice cooker, with a heavy dose of creativity, kept us well fed outside of our dining reservations. Villas have a full kitchen with range.  Grocery stores are within a five minute drive to Kapolei: Costco, Walmart, Target, and Down to Earth natural food store (with plenty of allergy-friendly brands) are all there – plus more, I’m sure.

Gluten free at Epcot’s Coral Reef – quick review

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This quick review was provided by Norienne, who is gluten free due to Celiac Disease.

Coral Reef Epcot Disney food allergiesMy husband and I came here for lunch. I indicated my dietary restrictions when making our reservation, and mentioned them to the host when we checked in. We arrived a few minutes early, and were seated right at our reservation time. Our table was right up by the aquarium, which was pretty cool.

Our waitress came out and took our drink order, then told me a chef would come out to speak with me shortly. When the chef came out, I already had an idea of what I wanted, so I asked if the Grilled Mahi Mahi could be done gluten-free. He said it could, and also offered me gluten-free rolls, which I accepted. They came wrapped up in their own little basket, which was marked to keep it from my husband’s non-gluten free rolls. They were warmed, and pretty good.

Coral Reef gluten free Grilled Mahi-MahiThe mahi mahi was the best entree I had on our trip. The shrimp were perfectly cooked, the fish was flaky and tender, and the sauce was wonderful. Even the garnish on top worked well with the other flavors, rather than just being decorative and superfluous. For dessert, I had the Chocolate Wave, a flourless chocolate cake served with raspberry gelato. It was one of the better flourless chocolate cakes I have eaten. Overall, this was a wonderful dining experience and we will definitely be back.

Recommend for gluten: Yes

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Be Our Guest Gluten-free Quick Review

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This quick review was provided by Norienne, who is gluten free due to Celiac Disease.

Be Our Guest dining gluten freeMy husband and I ate here for lunch and liked it so much we came again for lunch two days later. It is very easy to dine here with dietary restrictions. You either order via touchscreen or you place your order with a cast member (we ended up ordering both ways). If you are using a touchscreen, there is a place where you can indicate any allergies, and the menu updates to display what your options are. There were a surprising number of gluten-free options.

If you don’t have a magic band (we did) you are given a rose to place on your table so that the cast members know where to deliver your food. The dining areas of the restaurant are absolutely beautiful. We ate for the first time in the west wing, and the second time in the main ballroom. Both rooms were very detailed in their theming.

The first time we ate here, I ordered the roast beef sandwich. It came on what I’m pretty sure was an Udi’s hot dog bun. The bun was a little dry, but the roast beef was tender and went well with the horseradish sauce and arugula. The french fries were also made in a designated fryer and thus safe to eat.

Slow cooked pork at Be Our GuestThe second time we ate here, I had the braised pork with green beans and mashed potatoes. It was the best meal I had at any quick-service restaurant, and had the quality of a table-service restaurant. The green beans had a wonderful texture and were well seasoned and cooked with onions and bell peppers, the mashed potatoes were wonderfully creamy and seemed to be made fresh, rather than from mashed potato flakes. The pork was well-seasoned and just melted in your mouth. I will be ordering it every time I eat here in the future.

There is only one gluten-free option for dessert: a lemon-raspberry cream puff. It is very good, with a smooth and tart lemon curd filling, some whipped cream, a fresh raspberry, and a small square of chocolate with “Be our Guest” written on it in gold.

I loved every part of eating here from the ambiance to the food, and we will definitely eat here again.

Recommend for gluten: Yes

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Liberty Inn food allergy quick review

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This quick review was provided by Leslie, whose sone is allergic to Tree Nuts, Egg, Peanuts, Wheat and Dairy.

Liberty Inn - America Pavilion - EpcotWhen I mentioned that my son had food allergies, the cashier pulled out a notebook containing information about the ingredients in their various foods. He also called the manager who discussed my son’s food allergies with us and asked what he would like. He decided on a hamburger with a cookie and carrot sticks. The manager asked us if we would like for all of our food to be ready at the same time and gave me the option of either waiting at the counter or receiving a pager. We chose the pager and enjoyed being able to find a table and my son enjoyed coloring while we waited on our food to arrive. When the pager went off, my husband went to get the food and the manager returned to our table with my husband carrying my son’s food on a separate tray. I appreciated the personal attention that she gave us.

I would like to see more restaurants have the food for the food allergic person be ready at the same time as the food for the rest of the family. I also really liked the pager.

Recommend for Tree Nuts, Egg, Peanuts, Wheat and Dairy: Yes

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Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe food allergy quick review

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This quick review was provided by Leslie, whose sone is allergic to Tree Nuts, Egg, Peanuts, Wheat and Dairy.

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe with food allergiesThis was our first experience ordering food at a Magic Kingdom restaurant. We spoke to a manager about our 3-year-old son’s food allergies and she said that they could make him a safe hamburger, french fries, and cookies. We waited while the staff prepared the food for our family. I noticed that my son was given a cheeseburger instead of a hamburger (which is what we had ordered). The employee seemed confused and I explained to him that my son has a milk allergy and can not have cheese. He said that they would prepare him a new hamburger and it was ready a few minutes later.

My 6-year-old son started eating a cookie when we sat down. I thought that it was the cookie that my 3-year-old ordered. My husband started to give my 3-year-old the other half of the cookie, but I had a bag of safe cookies in my son’s backpack that I gave him as a substitute. I looked at the label on the cookie package and it contained wheat and eggs! Apparently, we were given the standard cookie instead of the allergy friendly cookie! I talked to a different manager who was concerned and repeatedly asked if my food allergic son ate any of the cookies and I reassured her that he had not. She went to the back and got us 2 packages of Enjoy Life cookies. She said that she was going to immediately report the problem to the kitchen staff.

An important lesson that I learned was that the safe cookies at Walt Disney World are always the Enjoy Life cookies, so if you receive anything else, double-check the ingredients!

Recommend for Tree Nuts, Egg, Peanuts, Wheat and Dairy: No

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Columbia Harbour House quick review

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This quick review was provided by Nicole, who is allergic to gluten and tree nuts.

Dining with food allergies at Columbia Harbour HouseOH my goodness. The chicken tenders. I LOVE the chicken tenders at the Columbia Harbor house. Gluten free, they were always moist and well seasoned. I paired them with the broccoli. If you are looking for a quick pick me up, small lunch or dinner, this is a good plate. It doesn’t weigh you down, and you get at least three good sized tenders.

I was never hungry after leaving, and the atmosphere was awesome- It’s much bigger on the inside than expected. Grab an upstairs room for a quiet retreat – strollers often don’t make it up the stairs, so it tends to house couples and families with older kids. Lots of little nooks to find and hide away in from the heat!

Recommend for gluten and tree nutes: Yes

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T-REX food allergy quick review

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Dining at T-REX with food allergies

This quick review was provided by Doreen, whose son is allergic to dairy, wheat, soy, nut, egg and much more…

I was so worried we did plan 2 months prior to go it was 5 kids 4 adults a normal meal would be upsetting. My son was 8 he has severe food ALLERGIES and EOSINOPHILIC DISEASE EOE & EGID has a G-TUBE and only 4 safe foods at the time. We arrived to be seated the staff was so kind the Chef came to our table he made my son feel so special.He made a meal just for him it was all his safe foods more food then he could ever eat. I can see it in my son’s eye’s he was excited to see his plate’s and have so many options.THANK YOU! T-REX

T-REX menu (large photo)

Recommend for dairy, wheat, soy, nut, and egg: Yes

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Portobello food allergy review

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Food allergy free dining at Portobello

This food allergy review was provided by Laurie, who is sensitive to gluten and soy.

The red tiled roof on the stone siding on the tower looks more like a high end Southern California home than an Italian restaurant. I drove my mobility scooter through the double doors thanks to an employee opening the door. After being warmly greeted by the staff I took in the lobby’s decor. Along the wall are cases with various platters and other service pieces. I was quickly seated in the main dining area. I like that the lights are dim but still bright enough to read the menu and see the Italian theme. Finally I see an Italian theme of brick arches, electric candle wall sconces, bric brac, and wooden partitions that divide the restaurant into more private seating areas with tablecloth covered tables that have paper covering. Guests who want privacy should tell their seater that they need privacy before being seated.

I was told that the chef would be out shortly so I headed to the beautiful bathroom with hot and cold water faucets. It is nice to see marble and hot water in a bathroom. I came back to find Orlando the chef waiting for me. He walked me through the menu and around my restrictions of no wheat/gluten and no soy. I was not going to do the Tuscan bean soup because I am not a fan of bean soup. The waitress brought out an orange bowl of soup with a small slice of cheese. This is one of the best soups I have ever. There were good pungent notes of herbs and tomatoes, tiny bits of ground meat, ground beans, white cheese to sooth the mildly spicy burn of the soup, onion bits, and carrot bits. The dish can be made free of most top allergies. I like best that the beans were smashed to bits thus not overpowering this hearty homestyle soup. Next came a cart with a big white porcelain charger with a cute little cast iron pan. The waitress set the pan on fire then she squeezed lemon juice on the pan then served me the Shrimp Sambuca. In the pan was tender small potato wheels topped garlic and 4 perfectly cooked shrimp. The dish was baked in a wood oven. I loved the potatoes that tasted like home fries and that the shrimp were veined with tails on. Another perfect dish suggested by the chef.

Finally comes the star dishes. I chose the Penne Bolognose in an orange tomato basil sauce using rice penne pasta. The bowl was huge and filled with rice pasta cooked perfectly then topped with Bolognose sauce and fresh parmesan cheese. This is a huge bowl of pasta. It is hard to make a large serving of rice pasta perfectly but this is something I would go back again to eat. The sauce is similar to Mario Batali type of sauce with a bright orange hue that for some folks may seem strange. The meatballs were a good size but did not have onion bits and it seems that even the little bits of meat was just that, meat. It is a hearty dish that is very mild in spices and nuance.

I like to take home food for breakfast the next day so I ordered the duck leg This is not presented as duck confit but more of a roast that is braised apple cider and dried cherries for over 3 hours. The slow cooking imparts subtle flavors to the duck leg that actually is the thigh and leg not just a drumstick. It reminds me of the carnitas and carne asada that are slow roasted. The meat left me wanting a few more orders. Being a whole thigh and leg meant some skin and fat that I did not eat. I took this home for midnight snack. The duck was so flavorful yet I could not name one note other than cherry sauce and duck, it was a medley of herbs and spices that made for a harmonic entree, OMG this was AWESOME!! The polenta is good but it is not as fine grained as at The Wave. There are kernels of corn that added a nice change in the mouth feel that one gets from nonstop polenta. The one major flaw was that the polenta was sitting under grease dripping duck leg and a pool of cherry whatever sauce. Some people love potatoes or polenta under their meat to sop up the meat juices but the pool of sauce was soaking into the polenta. I think if I ordered this again I would order the polenta on the side.

The grand finale was a Panna Cotta that hit me with pure cream smoothness and a POW of vanilla, the berries and sauce are delicious alone but here they are kazoo players playing in the philharmonic. The service was spotless and the table was kept free of dirty dishes while the tea glass was kept filled. They brought out the bill and took my Tables in Wonderland card. I loved Orlando and the staff that made this one of my more memorable meals. Orlando and the Portobello staff can handle most dietary requests. There is an outdoor dining area and staff will try hard to meet special requests such as a semi-private area for an autistic guest or a table for a guest in a wheelchair. There is an outdoor patio for watching the DTD waterfront comings and goings.

Recommend for gluten and soy: Yes

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