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Be Our Guest Gluten-free Quick Review

This quick review was provided by Norienne, who is gluten free due to Celiac Disease.

Be Our Guest dining gluten freeMy husband and I ate here for lunch and liked it so much we came again for lunch two days later. It is very easy to dine here with dietary restrictions. You either order via touchscreen or you place your order with a cast member (we ended up ordering both ways). If you are using a touchscreen, there is a place where you can indicate any allergies, and the menu updates to display what your options are. There were a surprising number of gluten-free options.

If you don’t have a magic band (we did) you are given a rose to place on your table so that the cast members know where to deliver your food. The dining areas of the restaurant are absolutely beautiful. We ate for the first time in the west wing, and the second time in the main ballroom. Both rooms were very detailed in their theming.

The first time we ate here, I ordered the roast beef sandwich. It came on what I’m pretty sure was an Udi’s hot dog bun. The bun was a little dry, but the roast beef was tender and went well with the horseradish sauce and arugula. The french fries were also made in a designated fryer and thus safe to eat.

Slow cooked pork at Be Our GuestThe second time we ate here, I had the braised pork with green beans and mashed potatoes. It was the best meal I had at any quick-service restaurant, and had the quality of a table-service restaurant. The green beans had a wonderful texture and were well seasoned and cooked with onions and bell peppers, the mashed potatoes were wonderfully creamy and seemed to be made fresh, rather than from mashed potato flakes. The pork was well-seasoned and just melted in your mouth. I will be ordering it every time I eat here in the future.

There is only one gluten-free option for dessert: a lemon-raspberry cream puff. It is very good, with a smooth and tart lemon curd filling, some whipped cream, a fresh raspberry, and a small square of chocolate with “Be our Guest” written on it in gold.

I loved every part of eating here from the ambiance to the food, and we will definitely eat here again.

Recommend for gluten: Yes

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3 thoughts on “Be Our Guest Gluten-free Quick Review”

  1. Are the BOG mashed potatoes already GF or did they special make them for you? I am trying to decide whether I need to pre notify restaurants for one in our party of 5, who is off grains due to rheumatoid arthritis, but is not celiac, etc.

    1. Disney does a lot of gluten-free items, but it’s always a good idea to notify them on the reservation, then again when you’re seated. You also have the option to ask the chef to come out and discuss it.

    2. I do believe they are already GF, but I could be wrong. At the time, it wasn’t possible to make reservations ahead of time, so I didn’t notify the restaurant ahead of time. We ordered at touchscreen kiosks, and one of the first steps was to select any dietary restrictions. Once’s selected, the menu options were narrowed down to those that could be done according to said dietary restrictions – including the pork with mashed potatoes. Now that you can make reservations here for breakfast and lunch, you can probably note your dietary restrictions (like with any reservation). Most restaurants are equipped to handle gluten-free, but it doesn’t hurt to make a note of it when making reservations. I never had a problem eating gluten-free with no advance notice at any of the quick service restaurants we went to, though.

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