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Lunch at Crystal Palace with mulitple food allergies

This quick review was provided by Beth, whose daughter is allergic to dairy, egg, tree nuts, sesame, fish, and mustard.

Disney World's Crystal Palace with peanut and tree nut allergiesWe had lunch at the Crystal Palace and had a wonderful experience. My daughter has multiple food allergies – and she was only 3 at the time – so finding something for her to eat is never easy. We let the server know about her allergies, and very soon thereafter, the chef came to our table to show me what was safe at the buffet. There were a few options, but of course she wanted something they didn’t have, a hot dog with french fries. The chef immediately told me that was not a problem at all; he would just ask the nearest restaurant with those items to send them over. He said they did that all the time and was happy to do so for us.

We didn’t wait long at all, and she especially didn’t notice the wait because she was hugging all the characters. They brought her two hot dogs and a huge pile of french fries with a side of fruit. She was happy, and we all had a great time.

Recommend Crystal Palace for dairy, egg, tree nuts, sesame, fish, mustard food allergies?: Yes

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