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Be Our Guest multiple food allergy quick review

This quick review was provided by Amanda, who is allergic to dairy, soy, gluten, and tree nuts.

Be Our Guest dining with multiple food allergiesWe went to Be Our Guest on the last night of a 2 week trip, and it was the absolute best food allergy experience I had anywhere on Disney property. I am allergic to dairy, gluten, soy, and tree nuts, and Chef Jerry was beyond accommodating. He started by asking me what I WANTED, rather than what would be easiest to make allergen free. He went on to explain that he himself has a dairy allergy, and the intense amount of food allergy training he continually receives. He knew exactly which items contained allergens off the top of his head (for example, the only product in the entire restaurant that may have come in contact with nuts is the pearls on top of the cupcakes).

Chef Jerry made me gluten free rolls with olive oil, followed by the braised pork with roasted potatoes (the pureed cauliflower contained allergens) and asparagus, and raspberry sorbet for dessert. Everything was absolutely delicious, and Jerry checked on me several times throughout the meal.

I would absolutely recommend Be Our Guest to anyone with any kind of food allergy. Thanks Chef Jerry!

Recommend for dairy, soy, gluten, and tree nuts: Yes

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