Celebrating 10 Years of Allergy Free Mouse!

Quick Review winners!

We recently sent out a couple of these.Disney Gift Card winner They were sent to the winners of our Disney food allergy Quick Review drawings from November and January. The winners are: November: Ann

January: Amy

We’re going to start a new contest TODAY for the month of March!


Send your Disney food allergy Quick Review using this form.

Please include as much detail as possible, including your food allergies, what you ate and who took care of you. We love photos, too! View some past food allergy quick reviews here, submitted by readers.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to share your experience, but we typically don’t use the quick reviews we get that are just a sentence or two, saying “Disney is great!”. We really want a few details that help other readers make informed decisions for their planning purposes. Even if your experience was less than positive, send it to us. We all learn from those, too.

Send us your quick review today! Drawing will occur in early April 2013.

p.s. Past winners can win again!