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Disney Cruise: Aboard the Magic

The Magic Disney Cruise LinerSince we learned so much on this Disney Cruise, and we collected so much useful information, we’ll be putting together a few different categories over the coming weeks. They include:

  • Restaurant tips
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Restaurant menus
  • Dining times – you must pick early (5:45) or late (8:15)
  • UPDATE: Here is the new section of our Disney Cruise section
  • Food safety
  • Tipping
  • Special order cakes

Also, we will be adding:

  • Port Adventure tips (especially food tips!)
  • Adult-only experiences
  • Shutters (the on-board photo shop)
  • The Magic Disney Cruise Line ship map
  • The ship directory
  • Entertainment on the ship (with an example of what to expect at the Buena Vista theatre)
  • Oceaneers Club & Lab and other kid’s clubs, explained with photos
  • Must-dos on the ship
  • Fish extenders, explained by photos
  • Alcohol policies
  • Character experiences
  • Decorating state room doors
  • Packing, with lists
  • Autograph ideas
  • Guest Services drop-off policies
  • Pirate Night
  • Our itineraries
  • Ship’s Navigator for each day
  • Vista spa options

Check back soon, and often, for updates. Or, follow us on FacebookTwitter or subscribe in the sidebar to get the latest. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions do so below or in our Disney Food Allergy forum.