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Tortuga Tavern food allergy review

Tortuga Tavern with a food allergy

Formerly called El Pirate Y El Perico and located in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom, Tortuga Tavern is a quick service restaurant. Like other quick service restaurants, they have the food allergy book at their cash registers. However, always ask for the manager and place your order with him or her. We always ask the manager to prepare our daughter’s meal, but most of the time we don’t even have to ask. We also ask that they prepare her meal “off the line” from new, unopened packages and the fresh batches of ingredients that haven’t been put on the line.

Take a look at the “fixing bar” and see what you might like to add to your meal, so that they may pull that from the fresh ingredients as well. I do this as the manager prepares the meal and we are waiting.

On the last visit, I ordered a black bean burrito with lettuce, rice and salsa for our daughter, who is severely allergic to dairy. We also ask for packaged grapes and Enjoy Life Foods treat.

The manager did a great job preparing the meal, and she wasn’t at all bothered or annoyed about any of our requests. It was another fantastic Disney experience.

Be sure to view the menu (link below) to help you decide what might work for your food allergy. We did ask the manager if they have gluten-free tortillas. She said that they do, most of the time, but the don’t always receive them in their daily supply. So be sure to ask.

Tortuga Tavern menu

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