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‘Ohana dining with a soy allergy

This quick review was provided by Amy, who is allergic to soy.

Miserable experience here tonight. Chef basically said: don’t eat anything but the meat. Said he’d make me a roll and salad. Salad didn’t come until my entire party was done eating. Still haven’t gotten the roll. Couldn’t eat any of the appetizers and he didn’t offer me any substitutions except rice or plain noodles. Now, I like meat as much as the next person, but a dinner it does not make. We’re on the dining plan so I paid the same amount to eat meat that everyone else did for an entire meal. He did come up w an allergy friendly dessert that was pretty much just vanilla ice cream, berries, and chocolate syrup. Not at all original or unique.

As a side note, the service was miserable too. Never asked if we wanted a kid’s meal for the 4 year old in our party or if we wanted any alcoholic drinks.

Recommend ‘Ohana for a soy allergy?: No

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