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Kouzzina by Cat Cora – food allergy quick review

This quick review was provided by Jaclyn, who is allergic to Soy, Peanut, Tree Nut, Fish, Shellfish, Mushroom, Legumes, Gourds,

Dining at Kouzzina with multiple food allergiesI ate at Kouzzina for the first time on my recent trip. It was the BEST meal I have ever eaten! Dee was the chef, and she was amazing! I have a VERY long list of allergies, and she was so nice and understanding. She knew the ingredients inside and out.

I had the braised short ribs with feta mashed potatoes and a side order of herbed orzo. DELICIOUS!!! She made me broccoli special because I could not eat the regular vegetables. And then, to top it all off, I was able to eat the Greek doughnuts for dessert!! Because the normal frying oil was fish contaminated, she made a separate fryer all for me. And if that wasn’t enough, because it took them a long time to make, they gave it to me for free.Food allergies at Kouzzina in Disney World

I may plan another trip just so I can eat there again. I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant and am only sad I hadn’t discovered it before.

Recommend for Soy, Peanut, Tree Nut, Fish, Shellfish, Mushroom, Legumes, Gourds, Melon: Yes

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