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Be Our Guest food allergy quick review

Dining at Be Our Guest with food allergies

This quick review was provided by Jaclyn, who is allergic to Peanut, Tree Nut, Soy, Fish, Shellfish, Legumes, Gourds, Mushrooms, and Melon.

Eating at this restaurant was a dream come true for me for so many reasons. The atmosphere was amazing and the service was even better. Not to mention the food was delicious.

I have a very lengthy list of allergies. The chef was wonderful (I wish I could remember his name) and was very knowledgeable. I had the Cornish hen with roasted potatoes. They gave me broccoli instead of the normal vegetable that I was allergic to. But the best part was that I was able to have the dessert!! They make all their desserts in-house. I ordered 2! I had the lemon meringue cupcake and the strawberry cupcake with cream cheese icing. Absolutely delicious and the best birthday present I could have asked for.

It is best to make your reservations as early as possible because it fills up extremely quickly. I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant, and can’t wait to go back!

Recommend for Peanut, Tree Nut, Soy, Fish, Shellfish, Legumes, Gourds, Mushrooms and Melon: Yes

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