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Disney Cruises – newer ships may be more accommodating for food allergies

A reader, Ashlie, sent this to us in response to our Disney Cruise information.

I saw your post about the Disney Magic with food allergies. I just wanted to share with you my experiences with DCL and food allergies. I have Celiac Disease so I’m gluten free and my mom also has Celiac and has a soy allergy.

I sailed on the Wonder (sister ship to the Magic) and I found experiences similar to yours. I’ve also sailed on the Dream three times and on the Fantasy once. I’m going on my second Fantasy cruise in March.

I’ve found the newer ships the Dream and the Fantasy much more accommodating with our special dietary needs. They seemed more willing to customize meals and make things special just for us. Besides pre-ordering our meals, we could also go up on the pool deck and get a safe meal.

We spoke to AllergyFree Foods about this. It was a distribution issue that affected Texas-based Disney Cruises, and should be corrected now.

They had the gluten-free chicken tenders you were talking about. They had a dedicated fryer so you could get chicken fingers and fries by the pool. They could also do gluten free pizzas (not sure if the crusts were dairy free) I’m extremely sensitive to gluten and I never got sick from eating at the pool deck.

If you ever decide to sail DCL in the future, I’d highly recommend the newer ships over the older ships for the way they accommodate special dietary requests.

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  1. I was wondering, as someone who has never sailed before, is there full medical–advanced life support care on cruise ships?

    I’m just curious as to what will occur if there is a problem??

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