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Babycakes NYC – allergy friendy bakery in Downtown Disney!

The retail bakery is now called Erin McKenna’s Bakery. You can also find their products at select resort locations and they still supply allergy-friendly cakes to Disney restaurants.

Babycakes NYC in Downtown DisneyA “must” to visit during your Disney vacation. Babycakes NYC is located in Pollo Compero in Downtown Disney, near T-Rex and Lego Imagination Center. We stocked up several times during our last visit and refrigerated our cupcakes and doughnuts in our room. This bakery is a dedicated dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, and soy-free facility! They also have refined-sugar-free options, using agave syrup in place of refined sugar.

Our first visit was our daughter’s first experience at a bakery, period. She was in awe of all the options available! She chose pink frosted doughnuts, a blondie cupcake, chocolate brownies with mint frosting, and a chocolate chip cookie. We were told to refrigerate the treats as soon as possible to prevent the frosting from melting. We went straight to the hotel and placed them in the refrigerator. This may seem inconvenient, but not if your child has never eaten a doughnut or a cupcake fresh from a bakery!

Go early for the best selection. We highly suggest buying several blondie cupcakes and brownies, because even those in your family without food allergies will be begging for more. Thanks to the manager, Emily, and the owner, Erin McKenna, for making it possible for children of all ages and adults to satisfy a sweet tooth at Disney!

Downtown Disney will now be one of our first and last stops when visiting Disney World.

Link to full allergy disclosure: https://www.erinmckennasbakery.com/allergy-info/

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    1. We added a link to their allergy disclosure page, above. They do not bake with nuts, however, their gluten free flours are processed on equipment that packages hazelnut, almond flours and soy.

  1. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful review! We are so excited to have been a part of your daughter’s first bakery experience!

    BabyCakes NYC

  2. We will be travelling to Disney in Aug. Can you tell me if people with nut allergies successfully consume your baked goods? We do not have a coconut allergy. My son has a peanut/tree nut.
    Please advise. The only thing I want to know is if people with nut allergies purchase your products. We would LOVE to be able to venture into a bakery. Thank you so much.

  3. Erin McKenna has opened a new bakery at Disney Springs (was Downtown Disney). We had the same wonderful experience there as you described. We are heading there again today – woo hoo!

  4. Is the bakery in the Disney springs or do I actually need to get into the park to have access to the bakery?

    1. It’s in Disney Springs near the Boathouse and Raglin Road, and it’s now called Erin McKenna’s Bakery. Be sure to check out our podcasts for even more information about it.

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