Disney Cruise on the Magic with a food allergy

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The Magic Disney Cruise Liner

Disney Cruise on the Magic with a food allergy

This Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Magic was filled with fun, but I wish that I had known the ordering protocol for food allergies, the menu options, and  other details. I think that these tips will help, not only those with food allergies, but anyone taking a Disney Cruise.

Since we are a Disney food allergy reviews-based site, let’s start with the food!

Our waiter Branislav, on the Disney MagicFirst and foremost, I need to thank our waiter Branislov. He was a wonderful server with great attention to detail. One night, my daughter fell asleep (more about this to come) on my shoulder, and he whispered to me, “Does she like the skin on the chicken, or not?” I was puzzled, but answered, “No, she doesn’t like the skin.” Well, he placed her plate gently on the table, quietly grabbed a knife and fork, and proceeded to remove the skin and cut her chicken into bite-size pieces. I have never had a waiter or restaurant staff make such a wonderful gesture. He took such great care of all of us. My mother, Sallie, my daughter and I adore him!

Neno took great care of our food allergy needsNeno was the head waiter, or maitre d’. He was so attentive to our needs, that the other tables nearby wondered who we were, to receive so much attention. Either our waiter, or he, brought us menus for the following day to order a safe breakfast, lunch and dinner. This always took place at dinner. Neno was the direct link to the chefs and kitchen staff. He was just as wonderful as Brasnilov. We also had a wonderful assistant server, Ivelina. She was also attentive and kind.

Our server assistant IvelinaWithout the wait staff mentioned above, none of the safe, allergen free food options would be possible. Although the chefs have the same incredible food allergy training as those at Disney World, they do not visit your table as they do at Disney World. Therefore, you must rely on the wait staff to relay your food allergy restrictions to the chef, who will present them with options to suggest to you. The wait staff handles all communications that go to the kitchen.

Dining categories:

Disney Cruise: Aboard the Magic

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The Magic Disney Cruise LinerSince we learned so much on this Disney Cruise, and we collected so much useful information, we’ll be putting together a few different categories over the coming weeks. They include:

  • Restaurant tips
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Restaurant menus
  • Dining times – you must pick early (5:45) or late (8:15)
  • UPDATE: Here is the new section of our Disney Cruise section
  • Food safety
  • Tipping
  • Special order cakes

Also, we will be adding:

  • Port Adventure tips (especially food tips!)
  • Adult-only experiences
  • Shutters (the on-board photo shop)
  • The Magic Disney Cruise Line ship map
  • The ship directory
  • Entertainment on the ship (with an example of what to expect at the Buena Vista theatre)
  • Oceaneers Club & Lab and other kid’s clubs, explained with photos
  • Must-dos on the ship
  • Fish extenders, explained by photos
  • Alcohol policies
  • Character experiences
  • Decorating state room doors
  • Packing, with lists
  • Autograph ideas
  • Guest Services drop-off policies
  • Pirate Night
  • Our itineraries
  • Ship’s Navigator for each day
  • Vista spa options

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Back from the Disney Cruise

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Disney Cruise Food Allergy FreeWe’re back from our first Disney Cruise, aboard the Disney Magic. And it was magical!

I learned tons of information and want to share it with you, your families and friends. The trip was a complete success – not one food allergy incident at all! Not one!

I will be sharing allergy tips related to dining experiences, adult dining, dining menus, characters, 1st day must-dos, packing tips & lists, port adventures, the Disney Kid’s Club & labs, and more.

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Disney Cruise with a food allergy-free cake

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We have a tradition of buying our daughter a dairy free cake when we go to Disney World. We usually have it delivered to one of the dining events, like Cinderella’s Round Table or 1900 Park Fare. And we have it delivered early in our trip, so she can snack on it throughout the trip.

Fortunately, we can have one delivered while we’re on our Disney Cruise, too. They’re not cheap at $49. But it really adds to the experience, since it’s not often she has a dairy-free cake that wasn’t prepared by Mom. They’re also available gluten-free, nut-free and sugar-free, too.

Order a food allergy free cake for your Disney Cruise

The information, including the order form, is here: http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/planning-center/gifts-and-amenities/

We’re looking forward to trying this. If you’ve ever had the DCL dairy-free cake, or any of the other cakes, let us know what you thought, in the comments, below.

Disney Cruise

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Food allergy reviews of Disney Cruises

Below are food allergy restaurant reviews for Disney Cruises. If you would like to contribute a Disney Cruise food allergy-free dining experience, we would love to share it with our readers. Every shared experience helps the next reader.

Disney Dream Cruise with food allergies and intorerance

Our Disney Cruise food allergy expert, Jennifer, sent us this great review of her latest cruise on the Disney Dream. Be sure to check out her Disney World reviews, too. Dietary Restrictions: Anaphylaxis to tree nuts and peanuts Severe dairy intolerance (possible allergy) Vegetarian (vegan preferred) Disney Dream – November 2015 Palo On every one […]

Disney Cruise Line Wonder-ful guest feedback

Just wanted to provided a quick up date to the cruise page based on my recent experience on the Disney Wonder. This page was really helpful before I left so I want to make sure it is for others too! Lactose Intolerance can be set up on your online check-in by yourself. The menus all […]

Disney Cruise food allergy Guest Review

We are excited to have Janet provide this guest review of her Disney Cruise experience. It was our first time going on a cruise. The first time taking our children on a cruise. The first time take children with food allergies on a cruise. We are going to be in the middle of the ocean […]

Disney World, Disneyland and more Disney with food allergies – Guest Post

Diana shares her many experiences with food allergies at multiple Disney properties in this fabulous guest post. We all want to see the world, right?  And have experiences and memories, right?  But when you sit in that room and your doctor says your kid (or you!) have a food allergy; the thought of travelling seems […]

Disney Cruise food allergy Guest Review

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We are excited to have Janet provide this guest review of her Disney Cruise experience.

It was our first time going on a cruise. The first time taking our children on a cruise. The first time take children with food allergies on a cruise. We are going to be in the middle of the ocean or at an island in the Bahamas. Let the panic commence! But wait, this is a Disney cruise. Remember how great Disney is with food allergies. Begin calming down.

Disney Cruise with Captain MickeyWe went on our first Disney Cruise in March/April of 2010. We had loved taking our allergy kids to Disney World in 2008 so I was hoping for the same type of experience on the cruise. Both of our kids are allergic to eggs and our daughter was allergic to milk also. This was a family trip, and I wasn’t in charge of booking anything, so I called Disney with lots of questions. Yes, they would make a note that our two little travelers had food allergies. No, they could not tell me specifically what foods would be available for our allergy needs. I decided we were going to see Mickey and go to the beach, so the kids would have a fabulous time even if they only got cereal and juice on the cruise. Of course, Disney far exceeded my expectations.

Quick service allergy free pizza on Disney Cruise deckWe arrived at Port Canaveral an hour before boarding time, and that worked out perfectly. We got checked in, had our picture taken with Mickey, and got our kids their ID bracelets. These bracelets stay on the entire cruise and are used at the kids clubs. You can give medical information during the registration process to get the bracelet and request your child not be given any food at the kids clubs. Once we were allowed on the ship we headed straight to Parrot Cay for lunch. This was a buffet and as soon as we let our server know we had food allergies a chef came and spoke with us. This was just like Disney World. Perfect!

Food allergies on a Disney CruiseWe met our servers that would be with us for our voyage at dinner that evening. Our main server knew in advance that the kids had allergies. We discussed it and at every dinner after that there was no explanation needed. It was beyond fabulous to walk to our table at every dinner and not have to go over our allergies. The soy milk was already waiting for our kids and the server knew their options for the evening. The pizza on board was egg-free and our kids could order plain meats, plain fruits, and plain vegetables or fries. Rice Dream ice cream was available every night, so no skipping dessert for the kids either!

Enjoying a Rice Dream sundaeBreakfast and lunch are on your own on the ship. You can walk into a restaurant or eat counter service on the deck and just speak to the chef or manager about your allergies. Most of our breakfasts and lunches we chose to do counter service because they were quicker. Our kids had lots of activities they wanted to do and an hour long meal wasn’t on the list! For breakfast the kids ate lots of cereal and fruits. The cereal was in individual containers, so we had no concerns about grabbing it off the buffet. Lunch options included pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs. The day spent at Castaway Cay you have the option to eat on the island or reboard the ship for lunch. We were impressed that we were able to feed the kids hot dogs and fruit at Cookies BBQ by the beach. We only ventured into a restaurant once for breakfast since it is hard to avoid egg and dairy at that particular meal. Disney cruise food allergy quick serviceThey were wonderful and found a french bread my daughter could have. Magically, our server appeared with this same bread that is only served at breakfast for dinner that night. This is an example of what sets Disney apart. They go above and beyond to make their guests happy!

Eating with food allergies on a Disney cruise was a wonderful experience. There is really minimal planning needed. Just be sure to let the cruise line know when you book or at least a month in advance that you have special dietary needs. Talk to the managers at quick service locations or the chefs at buffets. Don’t be shy about asking for what you want or need because they really are happy to make sure you have a safe and delicious meal. We hope to go on another Disney cruise while our kids are still small. We will pack our bags and head south with complete confidence that our children will eat safely and eat well during our trip!

Thank you, Janet, for sharing this Disney Cruise experience! If you found this helpful, please be sure to give her a thumbs up or share this on Facebook.


Disney World, Disneyland and more Disney with food allergies – Guest Post

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Diana shares her many experiences with food allergies at multiple Disney properties in this fabulous guest post.

We all want to see the world, right?  And have experiences and memories, right?  But when you sit in that room and your doctor says your kid (or you!) have a food allergy; the thought of travelling seems unattainable.  At least that is how I felt when my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening peanut and tree nut allergy 5 years ago.  I have found that Disney is the answer to how to safely travel and have the confidence to leave the house again.

Cinderella's Castle at Disney WorldWalt Disney World is an amazing place to visit.  The rides, the shows, the sights and the sounds are life-long memories for everyone.  And then there’s the food, and yes, the food is an amazing part of any Disney vacation—yes, even those with food allergies.

Walt Disney World is almost legendary in their service, including their service to those of us with dietary restrictions.  I know that many great ideas for managing your food allergies at Walt Disney World are on this valuable resource, Allergy Free Mouse, so I will not get into too much, just briefly run thought the main things to do.

  1. Make your dining reservations in advance, if you can.
  2. Mention your allergy when you make the reservation. They will give you a phone number to the restaurant to call the day before your reservation, you will also get a special needs form to fill out and they will send it to all the restaurants that you will be going to.
  3. When you arrive, remind them of your food allergy.

Once you are seated the chef will come out to talk with you.  We have had many chefs at different restaurants, come to our table and walk us through the buffets.  They will also make certain items back in the kitchen and bring them directly to you to avoid cross contamination.  That’s the only way my son gets a Mickey waffle, and he loves them.

Eating with food allergies at DisneyAt quick-service restaurants, they have binders with allergen information in them, just ask for it.  And don’t be afraid to ask for the manager or chef, they are more than happy to come up to talk with you.  There are lots of different options for safe snacks, as well.  Many are labeled, some are not, but if you are in doubt, just ask.  They are very kind about it.

Ok, so maybe you have Disney World down and you are ready to go someplace different?  Let’s look at Disneyland in California first.  Disneyland is very accommodating.  There is not as much information online, like there is for Disney World but you can call Disneyland and ask them everything you want to ask.  They are very helpful.  And again, mention your allergy when making a reservation and be sure to return the special needs form.  When you arrive, if you want to keep asking questions, great!  Just stop in at City Hall and they can give you a list of restaurants that can easily accommodate food allergies.  And just like Disney World, the chefs are more than happy to come out and speak with you.  My family has been to Disneyland twice with nothing but great experiences with my peanut-allergic son.

Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii has the same policies…..and wouldn’t you know it, so does Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Tokyo.  Mention your food allergy or dietary restriction when you make your dining reservations, fill out the special needs form and send it back, then speak to them at the restaurant and you will be good.

Dining with food allergies at DisenyFeeling like a cruise?  Disney Cruise Line is definitely ready and willing to accommodate your needs.  Just mention it when you make your reservation, mention it again when you board, and remind your wait staff at your first meal. You will have the same wait staff for the duration of your cruise, so you won’t have to keep mentioning it to people, which is always nice.  However, you will need to mention it if you eat some places other than the main dining area but, again, they are pleased as punch to help you out.  You can also bring food onboard, if that makes you feel a little better, as well.

Adventures By Disney is an amazing vacation experience.  Travelling the world with Disney’s adventure guides will give you a vacation that you could never have if you went on your own.  However, they are a little different, since you are not staying within a Disney Resort with all the food controlled by Disney.  However, I have spoken with them a couple times and they are more than happy, cheerful even, to work with their vendors to make sure that the food is safe for you or your family members.

Disney travel with food allergiesSeeing the world is back on my to-do list, food allergies and all, and I hope it is back on yours.  We can travel and have amazing experiences around the world.  Does it take a little more work and a few extra steps, yes, but that is ok to ensure a fabulous, safe vacation.

Disney Cruises with food allergies

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Take a Disney Cruise with a food allergyAs the parent of a child with food allergies, we are often nervous traveling out of our home area, where we know the locations of the nearest hospitals, grocery stores with allergen-free foods, and maybe even a few restaurants that cater to food allergies. Imagine getting on a ship and traveling out to sea for days. That can be really intimidating.

Disney World and Disneyland are the gold standard for food allergy handling. But what about Disney Cruise Lines? Do they have the same options and experience? Yes, they do, but it takes a bit more planning. In fact, the Special Diets program for Disney Cruise Lines was created by the same guy, Chef Joel Schaefer, who created the program for Disney World. Unfortunately, it’s even more difficult to get details for the DCL program than it is for Disney World. Therefore, since we don’t have any first-hand experience, we found someone who did!

Jennifer is from Canada and has been on many cruises with her food allergies, both Disney and other cruise lines, with a variety of experiences. She tells us that DCL is the best, by far. Read her fabulous Disney Cruise food allergy tips here. She collected them over time for DCL just as we have for Disney World.

We found Jennifer thanks to another reader and Twitter friend, Jenni Hilton, who tweets for Food Allergy Kids Atlanta and herself. She mentioned, on Twitter, that she was taking a cruise on the Disney Dream. So, we reached out to her and asked her to tell us about her experience once she returned. However, she also posted the question on the Allergic Living Talking Allergies forum, and received an extensive response from Jennifer. We asked Jennifer to provide a few tips for our website, and she delivered a very detailed list of procedures, tips and first-hand experience for taking a Disney Cruise with food allergies.

Thank you, Jenni and Jennifer!


Dining on a Disney Cruise

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Dining on a Disney Cruise with food allergies

Disney Cruise with a food allergyThe Disney Cruise Line can accommodate a special allergy requests, including gluten and peanuts.  However, you must submit any special dietary requests in writing to the Disney Cruise Line Special Reservations Department at least four weeks prior to your sail date.  Once on the ship, be sure to tell your Head Server about your food allergies, and get to know them very well. Request the dietary requests form via phone to Disney Cruise Vacations at 1-800-951-3532.

Check out these great sections about Disney Cruises with food allergies.

The following was graciously contributed by a reader, Jennifer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Congratulations, you’re going on a Disney cruise!  Be prepared for a fun, memorable, and exciting trip at sea.  (And a lot of jealous friends and relatives.)  Rest assured, you will be well taken care of, as will your food allergies.  Here are a few tips to make your cruise as allergy-friendly as possible:
Before you board:
  • If using a travel agent, inform them of your allergies and request them to put an allergy flag on your file.
  • If you booked the trip on your own, call or e-mail Disney Cruise Line (DCL) and inform them of your allergies so they can flag your file.
  • The details, disclaimers, and information the DCL staff will give you on the phone or e-mail may look daunting, saying you can only eat in the dining rooms, but you’ll find the crew on the ship far more accommodating and in tune with your needs.
  • For kids, bring an allergy action plan with a photo for the counsellors in the kid’s club.
  • Pack a few allergy-free snacks in your luggage for those day trips off the ship.
  • Pack some shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. in case the stuff in your stateroom isn’t allergy friendly.
  • Pack at least two epinephrine auto-injectors and keep them with you at all times.
As soon as you get onboard:
  • Look at the Navigator (the newsletter/schedule for the day) and note when and where to go to change dining assignments or make reservations for the adult-only restaurants.  You should visit one of these places to verify that your allergies have been noted on your reservation.  You can also talk to the dining representatives there to discuss options available to you or ask any questions you may have.
  • For lunch on embarkation day, head to the sit-down restaurant open for dining.  They may try to divert you to the buffet on the pool deck, but the sit-down place is better able to handle allergies this day.  (It’s a buffet too, just in a restaurant.)  Tell the person who seats you that you have allergies and would like to speak to a chef.  The chef will review your allergies and preferences and make you something safe and to your liking.  It may take a while, so be prepared to wait…
  • Beware of any treats in your room, they may not be safe. Check the labels on the shampoos and soaps and things too.  As far as I can tell, housekeeping does not have access to the allergy flags.  Sad but true.  You can ask your stateroom attendant not to bring food items or shampoos into your room, or ask for them to remove certain items.
Main Dining Rooms:
  • The wonderful thing about rotational (and traditional) dining is that you get the same servers every evening, which means you don’t have to tell them about your allergies over and over again.  Yay!
  • Your servers should already be aware of your allergies.  Eerily, they will even know who is who and any allergies before you even meet them!  On your first evening, your head server will come to your table to introduce themselves and explain the allergy ordering process.  The servers will take your order on pink cards.  On the cards is a place to write the person’s name, table number, allergies, and their order.
  • Every evening, you will be asked to place your order(s) for the next day (breakfast, lunch, and/or supper).  This will ensure they make your items without allergens or make modifications if necessary.  If you order ahead of time, your food will come to the table much faster than if you didn’t.  It also allows you to order things that aren’t on the menu or things that would require significant modification to meet your needs.
  • They can modify things so that they do not contain your allergens. For instance, cream soups can be specially made without cream for those allergic or sensitive to dairy. If you really want something, don’t be afraid to ask. (They will get creative. The chefs I talked to were all genuinely concerned and wanted me to enjoy everything I ate…)  They can even make things not on the menu, or get things from the crew mess.  (They have great curries down there!)
  • There are some allergy-friendly foods not on the usual menus.  They vary by sailing and by ship, but we’ve regularly seen dinner rolls, waffles, pancakes and chocolate cake that are all free of gluten, egg, dairy, peanut, and nuts!  Ask the head server for details.  That is, if they don’t offer them to you first.
  • Silk soy milk is used onboard.  Rice milk should also be available.  This is in the dining rooms only, but if you’re really polite and ask someone at the buffet they may get you some from the galley.
  • Tofutti or Rice Dream ice cream should be available in the dining rooms.  Sadly, neither was safe for nut allergies when we were onboard.
  • Always double check the ingredients for everything brought to your table, including the breads and pastries.  Confirm that everything has been checked for allergies.
  • When dining in the dining rooms for lunch and breakfast, the person checking you in will print off a card that has your allergies listed on it. Remind the servers that there are allergies and they will bring the head waiter over to your table to take your order on the pink tickets. That is, if you didn’t pre-order your meal the night before.
  • If you are not convinced that your servers or chefs understand you completely go to Guest Services immediately and express your concern. They will take your report very seriously and either change your servers or your table.
Buffets and Quick Service:
  • Disney only guarantees allergy-friendly food in the dining rooms, but buffets and quick service places have been really good to us and my relatives with multiple food allergies who cruise with them far more often than we do.
  • At the buffets you can tell the person handing out plates that you have allergies and need to speak to the chef. The chef will take you through the line and tell you what is safe. They can then go to the kitchen and get you the items you request, ensuring no cross contamination.  If nothing is safe or appealing to your appetite, they may make you something simple.
  • For the quick service places on the pool deck, you can ask for ingredients on everything. If they don’t have the list, they can find out. You may want to bring your Wave phone with you the first day or two so chefs can call you back about quick service ingredients.
  • Like the restaurants, the chefs at the buffets will go out of their way to make sure you have allergy-friendly food to eat.  I was fortunate to get to know two chefs at the buffets who told me how compassionate they are towards people with allergies and how they can only imagine how difficult it must be.  We talked about the challenges allergies bring and how the staff have been great at making accommodations.  One chef told me how he gave a whole bag of special dinner rolls to a girl with milk and wheat allergies to take back to their room and use for the week.  He did this because he couldn’t guarantee that they would be available the whole week and wanted to make sure she had enough to eat.  Another chef baked me a heaping plate full of allergy-free cookies that I could take back to my room and keep for the duration of the cruise.  He knew that I couldn’t eat any of the desserts at the buffet or snacks in the shops and wanted to fill that gap.  I didn’t ask for it; he just did it (twice, actually).  I was over the moon.  (And the kids at the table next to me had eyes as wide as saucers and asked their mum how they could get a big plate of cookies like that!)
Port Adventures:
  • This policy may be different depending on the port. On Caribbean cruises, only unopened food packaged at the manufacturer can be taken off the ship. We recommend checking the policy with your Disney travel agent and plan accordingly.

    If you are scheduled to go on a port adventure (booked through Disney) in which a meal will be served, you can request Disney to make you a allergy-free packed lunch to take with you. This will ensure there will be something safe to eat, as they cannot guarantee safe food on the excursion. (I wish I learnt about this sooner… we had a very hungry 8-hour excursion once.)  I’m not sure if you arrange this through the Port Adventures desk onboard or with the Head Server.  Call Port Adventures onboard to find out.

  • On Castaway Cay (pronounced KEY) they can bring a special allergy-friendly meal to the restaurant on the island for you. Otherwise, you’ll have to go back to the ship to eat. Talk to your head server the night before for options.


  • The DCL staff are only human, and mistakes do happen.  Their policies are thorough and comforting.  However, reactions happen, it’s just a fact of life with allergies.  Be prepared and bring your epinephrine auto-injector everywhere.
  • If you have the unfortunate experience of a reaction, find the nearest cast member (staff) and let them know you need a doctor right away. All phones have the emergency number written on them as well. A doctor will come to you faster than you can get to the medical clinic.
  • For mild reactions: the onboard shops, Guest Services (if the shops are closed), and the medical centre all have Benadryl available upon request.
Other Stuff:
  • Oh, where to store your auto-injectors whilst swimming… there aren’t any lifeguard chairs to clip them to or cupboards to store them in.  We opted to wrap them in a towel with our stuff on a beach chair in the shade.  This kept them cool, out of the sun, and close at hand.
  • The kids clubs have a system for young kids with allergies.  The computer will prompt the staff to request or return an auto-injector when you check in or check out your child.  They will issue a coloured wrist band to kids with allergies whose parents have requested that the club not feed their child anything.  If you know there will be an activity with food (i.e. baking cookies or lunch, per the Navigator), it may be a good idea not to send your kid to the kid’s club at that time.  Or, if you do, talk to the counsellors at how they can keep your child safe.
That’s everything we’ve learnt about cruising with DCL with food allergies and special diets.  It’s a culmination of a lot of research, my relatives’ experiences, and my own experiences.  These tips eased my worries whilst at sea and hopefully will help others as well.  Happy sailing!

Thank you, Jennifer, for this great information!

Another DCL food allergy experience, from a friend.
DCL was able to accommodate their son’s peanut allergy. Additionally, the head chef contacted them personally as they were coming into port in Key West, so that he could acquire any special requests they might have for specific food items. That’s the Disney Experience!

Wow! That’s a lot to take in.
You might consider working with an Authorized Disney Travel Planner, like Pixie Lizzie of Pixie Vacations. The service is absolutely free and adds a concierge level of service above what you will receive from Disney. Pixie Lizzie also has real experience planning (and taking) Disney Cruises with food allergies. Click here for a free quote.

Disney Cruise Medical staff and training for food allergies

We spoke to Disney Cruise Lines about the medical staff available onboard the ships. We were told there are several doctors, medically trained staff and medical facilities on board. Anyone requiring an EpiPen should be in good hands for additional treatment.

Additionally, all of the staff in the children’s areas are fully trained to use an EpiPen.

Anyone considering a Disney Cruise with food allergies should call and discuss their allergies with DCL to determine their own level of comfort.