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Here’s what people are saying about Allergy Free Mouse and visiting Disney with food allergies.

Thank you so much for writing this! I have a son allergic to milk, soy, and all nuts and the thought of having him on a ship in the middle of the ocean gives me a panic attack! You have calmed some of my fears and my children are grateful for your words of encouragement!


I love this site, it is very helpful. I have found in reading some reviews that it is sometimes difficult to determine what/ how many allergies guest reviewers are dealing with. This info is helpful, as sometimes restaurants are better able to manage just one allergy vs. many. Thanks.


And hats off to you for keeping such a great allergy resource website.  I searched through it some more this afternoon and found heaps of useful information, copied a bunch of things, and pasted it into our 'tips' file for our upcoming trip.  It's comforting to hear all the experiences people have in the place we intend on visiting.  🙂

Jennifer, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Awesome! Thank you, Thank you !! Great Info that eases my mind in planning our first trip to Disney in June with our two boys, one of which has severe milk,egg and peanut allergy. It is awesome to just know that someone has thought like me, and already found the grocery stores nearby, hospitals and etc for me!! AWESOME!! I have thought, where would we go if he has a reaction...
I would like to see a listing of specific foods at specific restaurants ("the book") with the 8 most common allergies listed. Thus, having a plan of where we will go, at what time, and what he might be able to eat... (Like many restaurants are providing now) Of course, We would have to double check once we got there, but that would help with planning. (For instance, it sounds like your daughter was able to eat chicken fingers safely for a dairy free diet at Crystal Palace...) I had not thought of fur contamination! Thank you! AWESOME AWESOME SITE!!!! SO Thrilled I found it : ) ( I love the tip about allergy free cakes!! and will contact the diet specialist!) I will be glad to provide reviews from our trip when we get back!

L Clapp

I came across your website and was thrilled to see it. My 8 yr old son has severe food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame. And has asthma from environmental allergies and animals. We LOVE Disney - go every year - back in August again this year for about the 5th/6th time - lost track - and took one Disney Cruise as well. We keep coming back as we know it's safe (and fun) for our little guy. Hard to find vacations where you can eat out so much and feel safe. I would love to share some of our experiences with you - we've eaten at so many Disney restauarants. Let me know what you're interested in and how to best send the information to you.

Kathryn P

Kathryn P

My family took a vacation to Disneyworld and has a wonderful experience. My daughter has a life-threatening milk allergy, so vacationing is usually stressful and scary, but the Disney crew was amazing. We were able to find fresh fruit through out the parks, and we packed snacks for the daytime. For meals, we ate at a Chinese restaurant in Epcot, which was safe and delicious. She also was able
to find the Divvies treats in the Main Street bakery, which brought delight to her face. She also ate at a few other places safely, after talking with the chef. I think Disneyworld is a very safe place where food-allergic children can enjoy a fun, exciting vacation!

Colleen H

Planning a safe, worry-free honeymoon for my dairy-allergic wife and I was intimidating. When we decided to go to Disneyworld for our honeymoon, we began planning out our meals. We usually ate cereal or something at the hotel for breakfast. We stayed at a Disney property, and they provided us with a mini fridge and microwave, so we went grocery shopping and bought some snacks and food we could prepare in the hotel before our after our day at Disney Parks. We ate at Backlot Express, and my wife got dairy-free chicken tenders and french fries. They were a very safe, accommodating place. We were able to have a
great honeymoon experience at Disneyworld.

Ted B

I just found your web site and wanted to share a note that I sent to Disney upon our return last year. Two of our three children have life-threatening reactions to multiple foods. My husband and I were nervous about spending several days away from home and leaving much of our meal preparation to others. Disney was incredible. From the first meal to the last, there was not a single mis-step. Many of the Cast Members took it upon themselves to make sure that the boys had something extra special at the end of each day. Our oldest son was asked when we got back to Atlanta about his favorite part of the trip. I would guess that most children would cite a ride or a show or maybe even meeting a special character. For Darden, it was eating a hamburger on a bun for the first time in his life. It truly was a "magical" experience!

Lisa B

I went to Disneyworld for my honeymoon. I have a severe milk allergy, and was able to enjoy my special vacation with no stress. Many of the parks and even the hotel I stayed at had many safe, delicious food options. I am so grateful that I was able to celebrate my honeymoon with no worries, thanks to the helpful ideas and information that was available to me.

Danielle H

I was in contact with some nice folks before we went to Disney in Orlando. They sent me to eat at Liberty Square where the chef came out of the kitchen with a pre-printed pad of all allergens, checked off the ones I could not have (which is pretty much all of them) and said he would make me something safe. I ended up with a huge chicken/greens salad and left very satisfied. Disney was great to work with and very understanding.

Norma S

Due to my son's food allergies, we have never been able to go out for ice cream as a family. When we were at the Magic Kingdom, we walked by a store that had a sign that stated, "Rice Ice Cream available", or something to that effect. My son was so excited that he could have ice cream from a store! We all ordered ice cream, rice based for my son, and sat outside on a beautiful Florida afternoon and enjoyed a family event most people take for granted. Thank you Disney!

Dawn H

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