Pinocchio Village Haus food allergy quick review

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This quick review was provided by Gretchen, whose son is allergic to peanut, cashew, egg, and dairy.

Food allergies at Pinocchio Village HausWe heard from others this was not the most allergy-friendly counter-service place at Disney, so we came prepared with food we brought in from our room for my DS. When placing our order, we asked if they could make french fries allergy-free. The Cast Member said we’d need to speak to a manager, so we just ordered all our other food and stood to the side and waited for a manager. We waited 5 minutes after receiving our food and just gave up.

About half-way through our meal, my DS was begging to eat some of our fries, so my husband went back to wait for a manager. After 10 minutes, one finally arrived and said they could bake some fries but it would take 15 minutes. We received a pager and got them in the time stated. They were fresh from the oven and, of course, not able to be eated right away by a 3yo son.

So, we just took them with us on the road (in the tupperware we brought his lunch in from our room). Those fries were a good snack later while waiting for the train and parade. Disney really needs a more allergy-friendly option in the heart of Fantasyland – which is where all the kids are!

Recommend for peanut, cashew, egg, dairy: No

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Pinocchio Village Haus food allergy guest review

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This quick review was provided by Michelle, whose food allergies include: dairy, eggs, poultry, fish, fruits, nuts

Food allergies at Pinocchio Village HausI must admit, I was a little nervous about feeding my daughter in Magic Kindgom even though I had been assured by the Special Diets team that we would be taken care of wherever we decided to eat. Just in case, I had packed a bag of food for my daughter to eat. I am happy to say that she did not eat any of my pre-packed food.

The manager and staff at the Pinocchio Haus were absolutely amazing. When I walked into the facility, I immediately asked to speak with a manager as we had food allergies. The manager was paged immediately and came out to speak with us. They told us what was available and asked us what our daughter wished to eat. She then consulted a food binder and had me read the ingredients to ensure that they were safe for consumption. We were then given a food pager and told that when our food was ready for the entire party we would be paged and we could then come and get it. The food took a little longer than projected to arrive but we did not mind because I knew it was safe. After discussing the options with manager, my daughter really wanted french fries and apple sauce.

Thank you to the staff for your care and alleviating all of my concerns.

Recommend for food allergies: Yes