Disney Cruise – Fish Extender

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What in the world is a fish extender?

A fish extender is a set of pockets that hang from your brass message hook (which is shaped like a fish) next to each stateroom door. You can make them yourself, or buy them online. Etsy has several talented shops that make and sell them.  You can find all sorts of designs and personalization options.
Check Etsy for lots of Fish Extender optionsAnother Fish Extender on the Disney MagicFish Extender on the Disney MagicFish Extenders are a whole lot of funFish Extenders aboard the Disney Magic

But, this is very important, you have to join an Fish Extender or “FE” group to get gifts delivered to your FE pockets. If you’re traveling with a large group, you can create your own FE group — schedule the days for certain people, etc. Or, if traveling with just your family or a couple of friends, join an FE group on the DISboards, the discussion board service. To do this on the DISboards, simply search for the thread for your cruise. Then, search for the Fish Extender organizer on that thread and join. The Fish Extender organizer will send out a list of cabins with names of guests, and each of the children’s age, gender, food allergies (list yours if not asked!), special events being celebrated, and more. Some cruises have large Fish Extender groups, and are broken down into several groups.

Now for the Fish Extender gifts…

You will only be obligated to pass out your Fish Extender gifts on one day. However, you may want to do Pirate Night, Christmas or any other occasion, too.

Fish Extender tips

Fish Extender Gift ideas

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Fun Christmas ornament Fish Extender gifts
Fun Pirate themed Fish Extender gift
More pirate themed Fish Extender gifts
Fish Extender gift - cute paper clips
Fish Extender gifts commemorating the cruise date
  • Christmas ornaments with ship name and date. We loved ours and hung them on our tree last year, and will forever.
  • Pirate coins, eye patches, bandanas
  • Magnets for the doors — see examples on Etsy
  • Dry erase board and markers
  • Personalized highlighters to mark their Navigators
  • Cute pads of paper with pencils and crayons for the little ones
  • Barrets for little girls
  • Door hangers (photo 3236)
  • Goodie bags with all sorts of cute items
  • Decorated wooden clothespins with magnetic backing
  • Gold coins (non-chocolate for those with food allergies) in gold mesh bag with leather tie
  • Keychains
  • Disney soap favors in ribbon tied bag
  • Magic wands
  • Glow sticks for pirate night
  • Bracelets
  • Little packets of hand sanitizer with your a personalized label, like with Mickey Mouse’s hand! (see pinterest)
  • Little bottles
  • Disney themed  luggage tags
  • Miniature shadow box fridge maget
  • Post-it note holders
  • Disney homemade coasters using maps
  • Posit clip boards
  • Homemade bookmarks


Disney Cruise Port Adventures

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Disney Cruise – Port Adventures with food allergies

Port Adventures bring a whole new challenge to the food allergy equation. You cannot take dairy, meat, or fruit to other countries. In fact, you may not take food that is not pre-packaged by the manufacturer. I wish I had known this. I was planning to take a lunch prepared by the kitchen, packing a lunch bag to go. But, that was not an option. And it is way too risky and dangerous to even entertain the thought of preparing food for her in unfamiliar restaurants.  She can only eat in a few restaurants near our home — there’s no way I would try something new in a foreign country. So, plan your port adventures and your meals on board, or take allergy free snacks or meals to get you through.

Special Order Allergy Free Cakes

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Dairy-free cake on a Disney Cruise

Special Order a Food Allergy Free Cake

As we mentioned here, you can pre-purchase a dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free or sugar-free cake for your Disney Cruise.  Call for more information after visiting this page: http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/planning-center/gifts-and-amenities/

We ordered a dairy-free cake. It wasn’t great at first, but it was better after a day in the fridge! The cake was a dry, chocolate cake with diary-free whipped cream as the frosting. This was absorbed by the cake, making it more moist. Go figure!

Even thought we ordered the “Bon Voyage” cake, but instead we received the Happy Birthday cake, complete with a huge birthday banner draped across our stateroom, plus two birthday cascades and a huge door magnet. We noticed on our Fish Extender list, that a little boy was celebrating his birthday, so we decorated his door with the birthday decorations. He came out as we were finishing up — we must have been loud with laughter — and was so thrilled by the site. It was a great memory.


Disney Magic Cruise Menus

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Disney Cruise menus from the Disney Magic

We hope these menus will help you plan your food allergy free meals. Click for a full menu.

Day 1 - Let the Magic Begin

Animator's Palate

Disney Cruise Line

Captain's Gala

Prince & Princess Dinner


Pirates in the Caribbean

Pirates in the Caribbean Dessert

Room Service


Food and Safety

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At the pool with a food allergy on a Disney Cruise

Food and Safety

Okay — there is food everywhere! Take wipes and be on the lookout. There is food near the pool, as you can see. I simply asked this little girl to be careful, explaining that my daughter was allergic to dairy and asked her to please throw it away when she was finished. She did. Some pools have no lifeguards and some have a low ratio of lifeguards to swimmers. So, food, running and horseplay is common at the pool.

The pools all have some sort of food service nearby; Goofy’s Gallery (hamburgers, tacos, chicken strips, fries), Pinocchio’s Pizzeria, soft-serve ice cream, and Pluto’s Dog House. My daughter couldn’t eat any of the food offerings, but was okay in the pool. I was on HIGH ALERT, but she was fine. However, the pool water is pretty murky.  By the end of the cruise, you can no longer see Goofy’s face painted on the bottom. That’s when we opted not to swim!

As with Disney World, the staff is trained with food allergy protocols. My daughter didn’t once have hives or symptoms of anaphylaxis. That alone was worth the trip! She had so much fun at sea, and it was safe with my watchful eye!

Disney Cruise – Ordering food allergy-free meals

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Order food allergy-free meals on a Disney CruiseOrdering food allergy-free meals on a Disney Cruise

I wish that I had more options for our dairy & beef allergic child, it seems that she had so much chicken, I was starting to worry that she would get burned out on it! It would be better if the chicken had different sauces, maybe. She was served a plain roasted chicken. Teriyaki, BBQ sauce, basil pesto — anything could have helped! All of the bread was made with dairy. 🙁 I wish that I had brought a loaf of Rudi’s bread or Ener-G Rolls with us. Also, there are no allergy-free chicken tenders available, like those found all over Disney World. With the bread, I could have made her chicken-bacon-guacamole sandwiches, teriyaki chicken sandwiches and more.

Update: We spoke to AllergyFree Foods about this. It was a distribution oversite affecting Texas-based Disney Cruises. They should be available now.

I inquired about and found that gluten-free pizzas can be found, however, I was told to speak with the head server to order one. They also had gluten-free rolls available.

How to special order

After each dinner, I was provided menues for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the following day. I chose her meals, wrote them down and gave them to our waiter. See the menus posted for ideas!! This may help you pack for your trip.

For the next cruise, we will pack a loaf of Rudi’s bread, Ener-G rolls, Daiya cheese, Earth Balance butter, BBQ Sauce, French Meadow brownies and her favorite salad dressing.

Disney Cruise – Dining times

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Lumiere's restaurant on the Disney magicDisney Cruise Dining Time selection

Dining times are your choice, either 11:45 or 1:30 for lunch and 5:45 or 8:15 for dinner. You select either the early or later slot, and they become your dining times for the entire cruise. Take into account your child’s ability to stay up late after running around all day and playing all day. Our daughter has the ability to stay up late, to 11:00 on weekends and is in bed by 8:00 on weekdays. But she was tanked out at 8:30 every night!

I picked the later time because you see the shows first, then enjoy dinner and the Oceaneer Lab / Club will pick up children at 9:00 from the dining rooms and take them to the clubs! Sounds perfect. My Mother and I could spend the rest of dinner with adult conversation and sneak in a dessert that our daughter could not eat, due to her dairy allergy. But, she didn’t even make it to her meal. We were able to take someone else’s table at 5:45 when the had reservations at Palo (the adult-only restaurant) and this helped out tremendously. She ate, refueled, and was able to last until 10:00 PM to see the shows and characters in the lobby!

After discovering this, I asked if the chef could make her hummus and pita, guacamole and extra pitas for lunch, that we took back to the room with us. She ate this in the afternoon and lasted until just after finishing her dinner. On the day of the beach excursions, she actually napped in the afternoon, woke up at 5:30 and made it through the last meal time, and saw the characters afterwards. But this was the only time I was able to get an 8-year-old to nap! The early dinner slot fills up quickly and guests have their times changed from the later to the earlier slots and this fills up right away!



Disney Cruise – Restaurants at a glance on The Magic

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The Disney Magic restaurants at a glance

Lumiere‘s – a restaurant based on the story of Beauty and the Beast. French-inspired food for dinner, and continental breakfast and lunch.

Parrot Cay – Island-inspired decor and fare for dinner. Mickey’s Island Jam breakfast is served once a during your seven-day trip. This is a character breakfast that Chip & Dale, Goofy, Minnie, and Mickey will come by your table for pictures and autographs. Be on the lookout for crazy hats made from napkins for the guests!

Animator’s Palate – Fine food teams up with Disney animation in an atmosphere that serves gourmet offerings and a surprise we didn’t want to spoil. Just make sure and “watch” the restaurant,

See Quick Service restaurants (LIST COMING SOON…)

Palo – for adults only. Offers Northern Italian at night, and a fantastic brunch. The best brunch I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. A must! Check out the photos, as they tell the story. Check out the menu and more Palo restaurant tips – coming soon.

Disney Cruise on the Magic with a food allergy

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The Magic Disney Cruise Liner

Disney Cruise on the Magic with a food allergy

This Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Magic was filled with fun, but I wish that I had known the ordering protocol for food allergies, the menu options, and  other details. I think that these tips will help, not only those with food allergies, but anyone taking a Disney Cruise.

Since we are a Disney food allergy reviews-based site, let’s start with the food!

Our waiter Branislav, on the Disney MagicFirst and foremost, I need to thank our waiter Branislov. He was a wonderful server with great attention to detail. One night, my daughter fell asleep (more about this to come) on my shoulder, and he whispered to me, “Does she like the skin on the chicken, or not?” I was puzzled, but answered, “No, she doesn’t like the skin.” Well, he placed her plate gently on the table, quietly grabbed a knife and fork, and proceeded to remove the skin and cut her chicken into bite-size pieces. I have never had a waiter or restaurant staff make such a wonderful gesture. He took such great care of all of us. My mother, Sallie, my daughter and I adore him!

Neno took great care of our food allergy needsNeno was the head waiter, or maitre d’. He was so attentive to our needs, that the other tables nearby wondered who we were, to receive so much attention. Either our waiter, or he, brought us menus for the following day to order a safe breakfast, lunch and dinner. This always took place at dinner. Neno was the direct link to the chefs and kitchen staff. He was just as wonderful as Brasnilov. We also had a wonderful assistant server, Ivelina. She was also attentive and kind.

Our server assistant IvelinaWithout the wait staff mentioned above, none of the safe, allergen free food options would be possible. Although the chefs have the same incredible food allergy training as those at Disney World, they do not visit your table as they do at Disney World. Therefore, you must rely on the wait staff to relay your food allergy restrictions to the chef, who will present them with options to suggest to you. The wait staff handles all communications that go to the kitchen.

Dining categories:

Disney Cruise: Aboard the Magic

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The Magic Disney Cruise LinerSince we learned so much on this Disney Cruise, and we collected so much useful information, we’ll be putting together a few different categories over the coming weeks. They include:

  • Restaurant tips
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Restaurant menus
  • Dining times – you must pick early (5:45) or late (8:15)
  • UPDATE: Here is the new section of our Disney Cruise section
  • Food safety
  • Tipping
  • Special order cakes

Also, we will be adding:

  • Port Adventure tips (especially food tips!)
  • Adult-only experiences
  • Shutters (the on-board photo shop)
  • The Magic Disney Cruise Line ship map
  • The ship directory
  • Entertainment on the ship (with an example of what to expect at the Buena Vista theatre)
  • Oceaneers Club & Lab and other kid’s clubs, explained with photos
  • Must-dos on the ship
  • Fish extenders, explained by photos
  • Alcohol policies
  • Character experiences
  • Decorating state room doors
  • Packing, with lists
  • Autograph ideas
  • Guest Services drop-off policies
  • Pirate Night
  • Our itineraries
  • Ship’s Navigator for each day
  • Vista spa options

Check back soon, and often, for updates. Or, follow us on FacebookTwitter or subscribe in the sidebar to get the latest. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions do so below or in our Disney Food Allergy forum.