The Polite Pig allergy menu – Disney Springs

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The Polite Pig is a quick service BBQ restaurant in Disney Springs. Along with a great section of BBQ, sauces and beer, they have a food allergy menu.

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La Cantina de San Angel food allergy review

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This quick review was provided by Laura, whose daughter is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and sesame.

cantina-san-angelThis is our go-to quick service place at Epcot. The food is exceptional and we have had countless meals here. We mention the girls allergies–peanuts, tree nuts and sesame every time and have been assured there are none of these allergens present.

My daughter is a guacamole addict and she loves to chow down on that with some of their homemade corn chips.

We also love the Chicken Cascabel –a tasty naked bowl of sorts with rice, beans and tasty tender chicken and SAUCE!! It’s always a winner.

A trip doesn’t go by without the Barbacoa Tacos. Can you say WOW? They are the best tacos on property in my opinion and you get a side of rice and beans with a trio of them. Quick, easy and super affordable. A favorite of everyone in our family.

We tend to avoid Mexican restaurants due to the presence of Mole (which is made with peanut butter) but there is no mole here–which makes it an excellent choice.La Cantina de San Angel with peanut, tree nut and sesame food allergies

We have also eaten the cheese empanadas and while they are good they don’t hold a candle to the Cascabel or the tacos. Same for Nachos–good and great to share among a group for a snack but I wouldn’t pass over the two mentioned above for them.

The best part: HOMEMADE CHURROS!! As all allergy parents know, finding safe dessert options are HARD. These are not your standard Disney churros –you get a basket of 6 (I think?) circular churros and a bowl of hot caramel sauce to dip . My girls favorite part of the meal!

We can’t recommend this place enough–it’s our favorite!

Recommend La Cantina de San Angel for peanuts, tree nuts and sesame food allergies?: Yes

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Gaston’s Tavern food allergy quick review

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Another great quick review provided by Sheri, whose daughter is allergic to dairy and egg.

I am a big fan of Beauty and the Beast and as such was very exited to see Belle’s world come to life in the new expansion of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. We visited in May of 2013 and we visited new Fantasyland on our very first day. We went to Gaston’s Tavern for a quick snack.

I told the woman a the register we were dining with food allergies (my young daughter is allergic to dairy and eggs and we all eat on her diet) and she gave us the ingredient book. Food allergies at Gaston's TavernMost of the items there are pre packaged and we choose hummus and pretzel chips. They also have veggies and ranch dip and apples and carmel dip. The fruit and veggies were fine but the dips contained allergens. However the cast member showed us that while they were packaged together the dipping sauce was in it’s own sealed container.

The highlight of the stop was the LeFou’s Brew, which Disney describes as “Frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam”. It was so good we came back later in the trip for some more!

Recommend for dairy and egg: Yes

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Liberty Inn food allergy quick review

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This quick review was provided by Leslie, whose sone is allergic to Tree Nuts, Egg, Peanuts, Wheat and Dairy.

Liberty Inn - America Pavilion - EpcotWhen I mentioned that my son had food allergies, the cashier pulled out a notebook containing information about the ingredients in their various foods. He also called the manager who discussed my son’s food allergies with us and asked what he would like. He decided on a hamburger with a cookie and carrot sticks. The manager asked us if we would like for all of our food to be ready at the same time and gave me the option of either waiting at the counter or receiving a pager. We chose the pager and enjoyed being able to find a table and my son enjoyed coloring while we waited on our food to arrive. When the pager went off, my husband went to get the food and the manager returned to our table with my husband carrying my son’s food on a separate tray. I appreciated the personal attention that she gave us.

I would like to see more restaurants have the food for the food allergic person be ready at the same time as the food for the rest of the family. I also really liked the pager.

Recommend for Tree Nuts, Egg, Peanuts, Wheat and Dairy: Yes

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Liberty Inn food allergy quick review

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Liberty Inn with a dairy allergy

This quick review was provided by Danielle, who is allergic to milk.

Liberty Inn was a good place to eat. I ordered the dairy-free chicken strips and french fries. Although it was simple, it was yummy! We spoke with the manager and he assured me the meal would be prepared safely. I think Liberty Inn is a good place if you are looking to get a safe meal in a fairly short amount of time.Liberty Inn - America Pavilion - Epcot

Recommend for milk: Yes

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Rainforest Cafe, Babycakes NYC, The Plaza and Backlot Express food allergy reviews

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Kelly shared these reviews with us. Her sons have multiple food allergies, including peanuts, tree nuts, egg, dairy, sesame seeds and bananas.

One of the reasons I initially wanted to take the kids to Disney World was I had heard they accommodate food allergies.  This is always a huge stress for me when we travel.

Disney has food allergy policies in place that really keep there guests safe and relieve some of the stress.  I made restaurant reservations on Disney’s website.  When making the reservation I was asked to check off which allergies are in my party.  Then I was told to contact and they sent me forms to fill out.  Those forms were sent to each restaurant.  They then sent a confirming email and asked that when we got to restaurant to mention the allergies once again and the chef will come out and talk to us.  The following is our experience at Downtown Disney, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Rainforest Cafe

Downtown Disney's Rainforest CafeThe first full day of our vacation we decompressed at the hotel pool and then headed over to Downtown Disney for a late lunch and a little shopping.  We had a reservation at The Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe has a really fun atmosphere for the kids.  You are surrounded by lifelike jungle animals and huge fish tanks.  Every 20 minutes or so there was a “thunder and lighting storm.”

Chef Richard at the Rainforest Cafe Downtown DisneyWe informed our server, Shawn, that we had two kids at our table with food allergies.  He sent out the chef.

Chef Richard assured us Nolan could have the chicken tenders and that he would make something special for Sean–two plain hamburgers and fries that would cooked in a separate part of the kitchen.

After a long day at the pool, these boys cleaned their plates—so did the adults, the food was good.

Dining with food allergies at Downtown DisneyFood allergies at the Rainforest Cafe Downtown Disney

Babycakes NYCBabycakes NYC Downtown Disney

One of the main reasons I wanted to check out Downtown Disney was Babycakes NYC.  This wonderful bakery is peanut and tree nut free, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, sesame seed-free.  Correction by AFM: BabyCakesNYC does not claim to be peanut free or tree nut free, due to the way their gluten-free flours are packaged.

I told Sean that this was a very special safe bakery and that he could pick out whatever he wanted.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Babycakes NYC delicious allergy freeBabycakes NYC food allergy free treatsSean ended up with two cupcakes, some chocolate chip cookies and chocolate frosted donut.  He has never had a donut!  We brought the box of treats back to the hotel and he saved one for each day.  He was so happy.  Mumma was so happy.


The Plaza Restaurant 

The first day in the parks we went to lunch in Magic Kingdom at The Plaza Restaurant.

A great chef at the PlazaThis time two chefs came right out, armed with a book of everything they served and all the ingredients. Nolan settled on a grilled cheese and Sean once again had a hamburger.  We were again assured that it would be cooked safely in a separate part of the kitchen.

They brought out some apple slices and crayons to keep little hands busy, while we waited for our food.

Sean cleaned his plate once again.

Dairy free dessert at The Plaza in the Magic KingdomThe Plaza restaurant with a food allergyThe Plaza with food allergiesSean could even have dessert.  They had Rice Dream ice cream, a dairy-free treat that he loves, with Enjoy Life cookies for ears!

Backlot Express

The next day we had lunch in Hollywood Studios at The Backlot Express.

The Backlot was an express type restaurant, which I was a bit apprehensive about.

Get Enjoy Life Cookies at Backlot ExpressWhen placing our order with Cody, I informed him of our food allergies.  I have to say it was one of the best experiences.  Cody was so helpful and then Chef Christa came out with that magic book.  This time there were chicken tenders and natural cut french fries that Sean could have.  And more Enjoy Life cookies 🙂

Every restaurant, express and sit-down, has a food allergy book, as well as every snack stand. Even the popcorn stand had a book.  Sean and Nolan could have the popcorn too.

All-in-all we had great experiences eating in Disney World.  Sean and Nolan eat like kings!

Thanks to Kelly Lessard for sharing her Disney food allergy dining experiences. You can read more about her family’s food allergy adventures at her blog. If you found this review useful, please give her a Thumbs Up!

Tortuga Tavern food allergy review

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Tortuga Tavern with a food allergy

Formerly called El Pirate Y El Perico and located in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom, Tortuga Tavern is a quick service restaurant. Like other quick service restaurants, they have the food allergy book at their cash registers. However, always ask for the manager and place your order with him or her. We always ask the manager to prepare our daughter’s meal, but most of the time we don’t even have to ask. We also ask that they prepare her meal “off the line” from new, unopened packages and the fresh batches of ingredients that haven’t been put on the line.

Take a look at the “fixing bar” and see what you might like to add to your meal, so that they may pull that from the fresh ingredients as well. I do this as the manager prepares the meal and we are waiting.

On the last visit, I ordered a black bean burrito with lettuce, rice and salsa for our daughter, who is severely allergic to dairy. We also ask for packaged grapes and Enjoy Life Foods treat.

The manager did a great job preparing the meal, and she wasn’t at all bothered or annoyed about any of our requests. It was another fantastic Disney experience.

Be sure to view the menu (link below) to help you decide what might work for your food allergy. We did ask the manager if they have gluten-free tortillas. She said that they do, most of the time, but the don’t always receive them in their daily supply. So be sure to ask.

Tortuga Tavern menu

Be sure to read the Code of Conduct

Pepper Market food allergy Guest Review

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We have another guest review from Tara Wolfe who shared her son’s dining experience with multiple food allergies. Kevin is allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, all tree nuts and coconuts.

Dining with food allergies at Pepper Market in Coronado SpringsWhen we go to Disney, we love to stay at the Coronado Springs Resort. I’ve heard that a lot of people don’t like it here because it is too big, but that is why we like it. Walking around this beautiful resort, you feel like you are the only one here. And finding your way into the Pepper Market, even better.

Pepper Market is actually a counter service, but you eat like at a table service. Other comments I have heard about this place is that it is too confusing. I don’t think so, and we dine with a severely food allergic child, we KNOW confusing! When you first walk up, a hostess seats you at a table and gives you some food cards. That’s when our waiter showed up to get our drink orders. This is when we told him about our son’s food allergies and he promptly went back to get the chef. Yes, I said chef, not manager, but chef.

Kevin dining with food allergies at the Pepper MarketThankfully, the last several years dining here, Chef Cliff has remained. He is a wonderful chef, and very knowledgeable about food allergies. And the presentation of our son’s meal was better than most of the table service restaurants. Kevin selected the Grilled Mahi Mahi with grilled yellow squash and zucchini, and for dessert a cup of milk free ice cream, the same meal he had the previous year.

My husband and I took turns getting our food. This is how the food card works: you take your food card up to one of the many stations where you want something (there are multiple stations serving Italian pastas, pizzas, Mexican dishes, even grilled steak!). You pick out what you want, the attendant stamps what you ordered and you wait on them to freshly prepare your food right in front of you. You then take your food back to your table, and that’s it. The only difference in this counter service with others, besides the amount of food and choices you have, is that you have a waiter, so you must leave a tip. So be sure to have some cash on you, because we were told they couldn’t put the tip on our Key to the World card.  Once you are finished with your meal, you take your cards up to the cashier and she will ring you up.

Kevin eating with food allergies at the Pepper Market in 2011But back to the food. My husband always chooses something in the Mexican cuisine. I wanted pasta. I picked Chicken Fettuccini with Broccoli. It was so much food. I was able to box it up, put it in the fridge back in our room and eat on it the next day! It was enough for 2 people, but it was so good. Of course, I would have rather had my son’s meal. Too bad they don’t offer this at one of the stations. Chef Cliff told me that it is a real treat to cook for food allergy guests because he can cook “outside the box”. He does such a great job at it too! Even if someday we move up to staying in a Deluxe, we will continue to come back to Pepper Market. Hopefully, Chef Cliff will be there too.

This is one of our favorite places to eat, and it’s only a counter service. Chef Cliff is wonderful. Both visits, he went out of his way to make our son the best meal I have ever seen. We had so many people walk by our table, wondering where they could get that meal. This will be a go to place from now on.

Thank you, Tara, for submitting this food allergy dining review of the Pepper Market restaurant in the Coronado Springs Resort. You can read more about her experience on her blog at The Wolfe Pack. If you found this helpful, please be sure to give her a thumbs up and/or share this on Facebook.


Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdon – Guest Food Allergy Review

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We have another fantastic guest review from Tara Wolfe who shared her son’s dining experience with multiple food allergies. Kevin is allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, all tree nuts and coconuts.

Flame Tree BBQ with a food allergyFlame Tree is a nice place to get a great bite of BBQ and sit in the shade for a while. I’ve never had a bad meal here. The BBQ sandwiches are huge, but I don’t believe are allergy safe. My son just loved the chicken legs though. He kept saying how juicy they were. And their sauce…..WOW! Not too sweet, not too spicy, just right. Kevin also had carrots with his chicken, and grapes for dessert.

There is usually a crowd right around “feeding” time, so try to hit this spot on an off hour. The covered eating area fills up quick too, and few people may be there just to escape the heat. Not to mention the birds too. Be prepared as you are dining, there are tons of birds walking around your feet looking for a handout. Some may even hop up on the chair or table! But the area still remains clean. You see Cast Members constantly cleaning the area. And the restaurant staff really keeps the food moving, so there is no long wait. I just hope that in the future, Disney will decide to add some alternate choices for dessert. It seems I get burnt out on those little chocolate cakes pretty fast, since every counter service offers them.

Kevin enjoying a food allergy-free meal at Flame Tree BBQAs for advice on how to dine safely with food allergies, here are a few tips when planning and taking you vacation. Dining at a counter service requires no ADRs (Advanced Dining Reservations), so first thing is to speak to a manager. Explain what allergies you are dealing with and they will show you their Food Allergy Binder. It lists all the products including the ingredients. The manager will personally prepare the food and deliver it to you.

Thanks, Tara, for submitting this review of Flame Tree BBQ. You can read more about her experience on her blog at The Wolfe Pack. If you found this helpful, please be sure to give her a thumbs up and/or share this on Facebook.



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Dining allergy free at Disney

Allergy-free Chicken Fingers at Disney WorldDining at Disney is always a great experience, thanks to the wonderful food, fabulous Cast Members and the themes of Disney. If you have a food allergy, be sure to ask about your specific allergy at each dining location, and they can possibly accommodate your needs. However, some locations are better than others for specific food allergies. So, refer to this section to learn more about the dining categories and restaurants that might be more accommodating than others for certain allergies.

Disney Dining categories

Dining on a Disney Cruise with food allergies