Be Our Guest restaurant multiple food allergy review

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This quick review was provided by Taylor, who is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, dairy, and soy.

Be Our Guest dining with food allergiesI was very excited to dine at Be Our Guest, as this restaurant wasn’t open yet when I was last in Disney. Unfortunately, due to my allergies, I was too scared about eating at a QS restaurant so I opted to dine here for dinner early one evening.

The chef came out, per my request, and went over my options. For appetizer, I decided on the onion soup without cheese or croutons (Chef seemed somewhat unsure, so I just opted out). It was very delicious! It reminded me of the onion soup I used to eat back in the day, pre-allergy. For dinner, I opted for the skirt steak with roasted fingerling potatoes. It was very delicious and flavorful!

Unfortunately, my dessert options were limited to sorbet, enjoy life cookies (just the boring chocolate chip ones), and rice dream. I wasn’t too fond of any of the options, so I took the cookies for the go.

Overall, it was a very delicious meal and I most certainly will be back!

Recommend Be Our Guest for peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, dairy, and soy food allergies?: Yes

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Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue with multiple food allergies

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This quick review was provided by Taylor, who is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, dairy, and soy.

Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue with multiple food allergiesAlthough I am usually very apprehensive with pre-fixe menus given my allergies, I decided to give Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue a try since it got great reviews. When my waiter got to the table, I immediately informed him of my food allergies and he called over Chef TJ. Chef TJ made me a modified version of the what was served to everyone else (fried chicken, ribs (no sauce), corn, and baked potato). For dessert, chef TJ made me one of his special concoctions. I was literally stuffed from dinner so I didn’t eat much of the dessert. Overall, this was an amazing experience. Disney is truly a magic place, especially for those with food allergies!

Recommend Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue for peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, dairy, and soy.?: Yes

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Food allergy-free breakfast and lunch at Everything Pop

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We stayed at the Pop Century during our trip in February. On the morning we were planning to visit Hollywood Studios, we grabbed a quick breakfast at Everything Pop, the quick service restaurant. We asked for a chef over by the grill area and, a few minutes later, we met Chef Jesus. Charlotte told him about her dairy, peanut and tree nut allergies, and requested bacon, scrambled eggs, and pancakes. Chef Jesus said it was no problem, then gave us a pager and a payment slip. This gave me time to get something for myself, then make our way over to the cashier and find a table. As we sat down, our pager went off and we met Chef Jesus back at the kitchen. Charlotte loved the breakfast, eating most of it. Then we took off to Hollywood Studios in time for the gate opening and flew over to sign up for the Jedi training.

On our final day at Disney World, we decided to stop into Everything Pop for one more safe meal before hitting the road. Following the same steps to request a chef, we met Chef Heather. This time, after explain her food allergies, she requested grilled chicken and fries. And Chef Heather delivered! Charlotte said it was one of the best meals she had on this trip. Afterwards, she had a few small cupcakes from Erin McKenna’s Bakery, which is also available at Everything Pop!

Disneyland with multiple food allergies

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Our good friend, and frequent contributor, Jennifer shares her experiences at Disneyland on her latest trip in February 2015. She and her Mum have multiple food allergies and severe intolerances.

Dietary Restrictions:
Jennifer – anaphylaxis to tree nuts and peanuts; severe dairy intolerance; vegan preference
Pat (my Mum) – anaphylaxis to sesame, peanuts, and peaches
Kyle: vegetarian/vegan preference

The bad news: Unfortunately, the ice cream shops and coffee shop are now contracted out to private companies and no longer offer allergy-friendly options. We were unable to find dairy-free ice cream for Kyle or safe cookies for me. 🙁

Tip: Order safe treats delivered to your hotel (the day or two before you arrive) and bring some with you into the parks each day. They sell fresh fruit at many carts throughout both parks – a safe snack. Or, there’s a Walmart close to the park that you can stop at for snacks to bring into the parks with you – we had bananas and apples, mostly because I am unfamiliar with what other snack items would be safe in America.

The good news: We had a reaction-free holiday at Disney! (Except one runny nose incident due to my own error – I didn’t realize a salad came with cheese on top, and didn’t mention the intolerance, so I picked around the cheese and still ended up with a horrible runny nose. We still don’t know if it’s an allergy or not but I avoid it either way.)

Food Allergy Reviews

WestJet (airline) – The travel agent marked my allergies on my ticket when booking our flights. Before boarding, I was paged to the gate to confirm my allergens and they made sure I had my auto injectors on my person. On the plane, the flight attendants asked me again to confirm my allergens, that I had my autoinjectors, and then asked whether I wanted a buffer zone or full plane announcement made. (On the flight home I was only given the option of a full plane announcement.) Announcements were made and all was good.

The Pizza Press (a restaurant just outside Disneyland in the Carousel Inn and Suites, on South Harbor Boulevard) – $10 for a pizza with unlimited toppings. All of their ingredients are fresh and prepared on site. The crusts do not have dairy. The pesto does not have nuts. They do not use any nuts, peanuts, or sesame on site. They change (latex) gloves between each order and will use both fresh toppings and supplies if you mention dairy intolerance. The staff were extremely allergy aware and fantastic! The pizza was pretty good too. (Those with anaphylaxis to dairy should use their own judgement as cross contact in a pizza shop is pretty high.)

Plaza Inn (character breakfast, Disneyland) – The chef came out to take orders for those with allergies. The selection was fairly limited but the chef brought out plates heaped with safe foods: Mickey waffles (contain dairy), bacon, sausage, fruit, potatoes, tomatoes. (Alas, their regular waffles contain dairy and their gluten-free waffles are made with a mix that may contain tree nuts and sesame.) Characters were abundant: Minnie, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Max, Fairy Godmother, Hook, Rafiki. We had reservations for as soon as the restaurant opened for Early Magic Hour. Our 4-day park hopper included an early magic hour morning but we did not have to use it for this morning as those with breakfast reservations have a special entrance to the park. This let us use our early morning another day. Be sure to use the breakfast entrance if you have reservations! This is a very good option if you wish to visit characters without waiting in queues, as the characters come to you, interact with you, and you can have your photos taken (with your own camera).

PhotoPass+ – Absolutely recommend this!! We had 400+ photos in only 4 days. Order this online ahead of you trip (minimum 14 days before) to receive all of your character meal photos, ride photos, photographer photos, and stock photos on CD for $65 (I think). Best deal ever! If you wait until you get to the park, this same package is $100. Still worth it, but pre-ordering offers HUGE savings. (The character breakfast photos alone were $35, or free when included with the photo package.) We had our character breakfast on the first morning we were in the parks, when the photo shop was closed. The photographer at the restaurant was able to activate our PhotoPass+ package and give us our card to use for our stay. You can also merge PhotoPass cards together onto your PhotoPass+ account, so if your group separates you can still have all your photos together. DEFINITELY get this package, and do so 14+ days ahead of your trip!!

Allergy ingredient binders: Just like WDW, all food locations have binders with ingredients. Quick service locations can call a chef to answer any questions you may have (if one is not already on site.)

Cotton candy and turkey legs were safe for peanut and sesame allergies. (I was too anxious to try the cotton candy so I didn’t ask if it was safe for tree nuts or dairy, and I was assured the only two ingredients were sugar and food dye, but not sure about cross-contact risk.)

River Belle Terrace (Fantasmic! dinner package, Disneyland) – Per usual, the chef came to our table to discuss the menu options that would be safe for allergies. The food was just okay – similar to quick service food quality. The dining room was VERY noisy due to poor acoustics. It was difficult to enjoy a quiet meal there. The FastPass tickets for Fantastic! were well worth it, as the dining package guests have a reserved area front and centre with an amazing amount of room. We stretched out and had plenty of room to watch the show with clear line of sight. The best way to watch Fantastic!, for sure.

Blue Bayou (inside the Pirates of Caribbean ride, Disneyland) – Again, the chef came out to discuss our options. The food quality was excellent. The marinated mushroom with cous cous was safe for all allergens and special diets in our group. The bread was safe for sesame and peanut allergies – a rare treat for my mother!

Wine Country Trattoria (California Adventure) – We mentioned allergies and were immediately given allergy menus, listing the dishes that are safe for various allergens. Chef Sean came out to talk to us and review menu items, including some that weren’t on the safe list but turned out to be safe if the bread was left off (for instance). He spent a long time at our table and mentioned how he and another chef were in charge of menu development and stressed over the allergy menu, wondering whether it would be helpful and insisting that people with allergies talk to the chef, even after reviewing the menu in case something had changed. The chefs make allergy meals themselves and take extra care to prevent cross-contact with allergens. Chef Sean was amazing and the food we had was incredible!

Rancho Del Zocalo (quick service, Disneyland) – Hurray for Mexican food! Upon mentioning food allergies, the greeter went to get the chef for us to discuss safe options and make our meals. She was careful to review all the ingredients in each dish to make sure we were satisfied with what we ordered. The chef made our meals herself, the portions were very large, and the food was very good. I highly recommend this restaurant for guests with special diets – as well as the Mexican quick service restaurant in California Adventure. (We dined there several times on a previous trip.)

Steakhouse 55 (fine dining, table service, Disneyland Hotel) – Breakfast here is very reasonably priced, the portions are satisfying, and the service was impeccable! Once again, the chef came to our table to discuss the many options available. The chef and server came out several times to confirm every ingredient, verify preferences, and customize our order to meet every need and request. I highly recommend dining here for breakfast. We’ll definitely dine here on our next trip – frequently, if time permits.

Tip (not really a tip, but more of a critical instruction to follow to keep your sanity): GET TO THE PARK EARLY!!!! I know that’s a given with any Disney park, but the entrance area at Disneyland is really crowded from opening time until about two hours later. As in extremely crowded parking lot of people. It’s mad really. Just arrive 15-20 minutes before park opening and you’ll walk right in with little to no queue. (Plan to arrive 30 minutes early to get through bag check.) The entrance area is shared between the two parks, so it’s twice the amount of people in one small area that turns into a zoo of really long queues. No thanks.

Jennifer also recently visited Disney World and reviewed restaurants there, too. You may also want to read Jennifer’s Disney Cruise food allergy tips and her latest Disney Dream food allergy review, too.

Crystal Palace with peanuts and tree nuts – Quick Review

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The Crystal Palace with peanut and tree nut allergies

This quick review was provided by Janelle, who is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

We had a wonderful experience at the Crystal Palace for breakfast with my two year old. By far his favorite meal of the trip, we like to arrive early before the park opens and enjoy breakfast without feeling rushed.

The chef arrived and took me straight to the buffet – Nearly everything was safe for my son. However, he was very clear to point out the items that were not and to tell me why. For instance, most of the baked goods were not and he made a point of telling me about the one that had almond flour – he was very clear and reassuring. He also told me if we needed anything special to let him know. He spent a lot of time making himself available in the dining room and I was very impressed by the service and care.

After eating at Chef Mickey’s the evening before, I had low expectations. Crystal Palace will remain on our dining list for every Disney vacation.

Recommend Crystal Palace for tree nuts and peanuts?: Yes

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Disney World with multiple food allergies and intolerance

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Our Disney Cruise food allergy expert Jennifer, shares her experiences at Disney World on her latest trip. Be sure to check out her Disney Dream review, too.

Dietary Restrictions:
Anaphylaxis to tree nuts and peanuts
Severe dairy intolerance (possible allergy)
Vegetarian (vegan preferred)

Walt Disney World – November 2014

Fort Wilderness – Trail’s End
Trail's End with food allergiesI’ve only heard of the legendary Chef TJ and the works of edible art he creates. We had a free evening and were able to get some reservations, and were completely blown away. Whilst my husband ate from the buffet, Chef TJ created a six-course meal for me. It was more food than I could eat in two days, yet alone one meal!

To start: a basic salad with some grilled vegetables and a vinaigrette dressing.

Next up… and I thought this was my main course: vegetarian spring rolls with a sweet and sour type sauce on top. They were delicious! I ate them all. Then Chef TJ came out to say my second appetiser was on its way. Second appetiser???Trail's End - Chef TJ - food allergy magician

Chef TJ is truly amazing! This was the second appetiser: coconut carrot ginger soup (my new favourite soup), with some nacho toast? I wasn’t really sure what it was, but it was toast with salsa and melted Daiya cheese with a barbecue sauce on top. Pretty good, actually, but I liked the soup better so it disappeared first. I couldn’t finish this course, especially with the thought of an entrĂ©e and dessert yet to come…

Trail's End food allergy friendly feastAnd there it was, the main event, and it really was an event. Grilled tofu strips with roasted vegetables, barbecued potatoes, and a delicious barbecue sauce. It was like nothing I had tasted before, and it was amazing. Of course, I couldn’t eat half of it (and even that was a challenge), so Chef TJ boxed it up for us to take back to our resort. (We ate it for breakfast the next day…)

And then an epic dessert: a tower of fruit and chocolate with a cupcake, swimming in strawberry sauce. Pretty much the best dessert ever… so I had to find room to eat some of it. (The rest was packed up for breakfast…)

Trail's End dessert with food allergiesAfter two hours of eating, because the meal took at least that long (really), we waddled back to the bus stop and back to our hotel room. I would definitely recommend visiting Trail’s End when Chef TJ is working. Just come hungry, and don’t rush. My husband wanted to return to Trail’s End once more during our trip, because of how well I was treated and how happy I was with my meal, but I didn’t think my stomach could handle that much food twice in one holiday. (I never thought I’d say that.)

Port Orleans Riverside
DIsney's Mickey Waffles with food allergiesTwo words: Mickey Waffles!! Every single morning (except the day we ate leftovers from Trail’s End). Add some fresh strawberries and pure maple syrup and I couldn’t be happier. Pretty much the best breakfast you can get at Walt Disney World – or possibly anywhere. (These were Namaste brand mix made with apple juice.) I wish they made Mickey waffle makers to buy and use at home.


Magic Kingdom – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
Food allergy options and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas PartyThe first thing we noticed about the Christmas Party, by looking at the map, was that they now advertise that they have EpiPens at the first aid stations – kudos to Disney for that. Next, they said there were free cookies and hot chocolate at select locations. Not exactly exciting for people with allergies, but I asked if they had any alternates and was given options – yes, options! – of apple juice, apple slices (prepackaged), and/or Enjoy Life cookies (prepackaged). I was pretty excited to have choices, all of which I liked. We were able to get the same safe snack options both times we went to the Christmas Party, and from different locations within the park.

Animal Kingdom – Allergy Food Kiosk
Disney's Animal Kingdom food allergy kioskA food cart dedicated to food for people with special diets, wow! I could only have the Enjoy Life cookies and bananas, but just the whole idea that something like this exists is fantastic! Tofutti at Disney food allergy kioskMy husband ordered some Tofutti frozen dessert, especting a small scoop in a bowl, and was happily surprised to get a whole TUB of frozen dessert. It was the highlight of his trip, even more than meeting the talking Mickey Mouse. I don’t think he was sad that I couldn’t have any, because he ate the whole tub himself and had a grin on his face for the rest of the day. And we went back another day… and he couldn’t stop smiling the whole day.

We dined at many other Disney restaurants during our trip: Rose and Crown, Le Cellier, The Wave (twice), California Grill (during the fireworks), Tony’s Town Square, and more… I just didn’t get pictures at them all. (Kyle was only taking photos of my food whenever I was really excited about something, or not so thrilled on Castaway Cay.) The Wave was one of our favourites, definitely, and we’ll go there for lunch every day we are in the Magic Kingdom next trip, I think. Their autumn curry stew was so good I ordered it twice this trip.

Disney Dream Cruise with food allergies and intorerance

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Our Disney Cruise food allergy expert, Jennifer, sent us this great review of her latest cruise on the Disney Dream. Be sure to check out her Disney World reviews, too.

Dietary Restrictions:

Anaphylaxis to tree nuts and peanuts
Severe dairy intolerance (possible allergy)
Vegetarian (vegan preferred)

Disney Dream – November 2015


On every one of our four Disney cruises, everyone kept telling us that we had to dine a Palo. With food allergies, intolerances, and preferences, we weren’t sure if we could eat anything there or if it would be worth it. Well, we were wrong, and everyone else was right. We made reservations at Palo for our most recent cruise, and will do so for every future Disney cruise we take.

Per our main dining room server’s recommendation, we went to Palo the evening before our reservation to talk to the restaurant manager, Gonzalo. We were able to sit down with Gonzalo to discuss our restrictions. He reviewed some menu ideas with us and assured us that our meals would be perfectly safe. They would even make dessert!

DIsney Dream with food allergiesWith excitement (and a little hesitation on my part), we arrived for our reservation. We were treated to a spectacular experience; the best food and service on our entire holiday. They made me fresh bread – bread, just for me! – with artichoke hearts and three types of olives, topped with olive oil and 8 year-old balsamic vinegar. Our salad was arugula with grilled asparagus, tomato, courgette, and shredded carrot, again toped with the delightful olive oil and vinegar and a selection of specialty salts. (Smoked salt is my favourite.) The salad has so many flavours. Being an Italian restaurant, the entrĂ©e was penne pasta with olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, arugula, garlic, and fresh basil. The flavours complemented each other perfectly. For dessert they made lemon sorbet, strawberry basil sorbet, and fresh berries. We both loved the strawberry basil sorbet! (I would have had seconds if I wasn’t so full.)

Each step of the way, Gonzalo was checking in, explaining ingredients, and making sure everything was perfect. It was a perfect evening and we are counting down the days until we can check in and make Palo reservations for our next Disney cruise (in June 2015).


Disney Dream - Cabanas with food allergiesWe had some pretty good food in the main dining rooms on this cruise. However, our schedule didn’t always align with the main dining room hours. After running the Castaway Cay 5K, you get pretty hungry… so I pre-ordered some pancakes and fruit at Cabanas for after the run. (I actually ordered waffles, but they couldn’t make them for allergies due to cross-contact.) It took about ten minutes for the chef to prepare my order, and then I had more pancakes and fruit than I could eat. Thankfully, my husband was willing to help me out.

Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay with food allergiesAs usual, I preordered my meal for on the island. This time, I asked for one of my favourite things to eat at home: rice and beans. I think the chefs took it a little too literally, as I had plain rice and plain beans mixed together without any seasonings or vegetables or anything. Not exactly my favourite meal of the trip, but not as bad as the vegetarian chilli I had the day before (also on Castaway Cay, it tasted like ketchup). Thank goodness they had some fresh fruit and plain Lays crisps to munch on. Overall, the food I had on Castaway Cay was less than stellar, but at least it was safe. Next time I’ll be much more specific when I preorder my meal for on the island. (Kyle had some vegetarian options on his plate – much more to choose from, and I was a bit jealous of his mixed rice.)

Crystal Palace dining with dairy and nut allergies

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Chef Ron with CharlotteWe love the Crystal Palace! Even though it’s a buffet, the Chef always brings us freshly prepared items from the kitchen. We were sad to find out that Chef Paul had moved on to Universal. However, all Disney Chefs are fully trained to accommodate food allergies and, this time, we met Chef Ron. He was fantastic! He prepared eggs, bacon, waffles, muffins and doughnuts, with maple syrup.

Dairy-free and nut-free breakfast at Disney WorldIt was much more than Charlotte could eat, but she had plenty of choices. We took the leftover doughnuts for a snack later. We love breakfast at Crystal Palace. We typically make a reservation early, so that we can enter the Magic Kingdom before opening, which allows us to get some fantastic photos in front of Cinderella’s Castle without any large crowds in front.

Charlotte and Olaf at the Crystal Palace

Hollywood & Vine food allergy quick review

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This quick review was provided by Meghan, whose son is allergic to milk, egg and peanut.

Hollywood & Vine with food allergiesWe had a party of 11 people, ages 4-66, and everyone really loved dinner here! My 4 year old son is allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts. I made our reservation online and indicated we had someone with these food allergies. The host confirmed when we checked in and then the waiter was fully aware when we were seated. The chef came out and walked me through the buffet going over what food would be safe for my son – there were plenty of options, including a pasta bar that my son loved (he had multi-grain rotini pasta w/ marinara sauce). The best part for my son with these allergies was that they had tofutti ice cream and enjoy life cookies they brought out for dessert. My son finally was able to have a special dessert like everyone else. He loved it, and it made my day to see him enjoy a meal at a restaurant as much as he did! Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Recommend for milk, egg and peanut: Yes

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‘Ohana food allergy quick review

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This quick review was provided by Meghan, whose son is allergic to milk, egg and peanut.

'Ohana food allergy reviewWe did the character breakfast and had a great meal and experience. We had a party of 11 ages 4-66. My 4 year old son is allergic to milk, egg and peanut. The chef came out and explained their food prep and the would make a buckwheat waffle with sides of bacon, sausage and potatoes for him. My son doesn’t like sausage or potatoes so he didn’t eat either but he loved the waffles, bacon, fresh fruit and juice. I taste tested the waffles and they were really good! The character interaction was fun for everyone. I was skeptical because my 4 year old twins weren’t familiar with Lilo and Stitch, but they thought Stitch was funny. They loved meeting Mickey and Pluto. The rest of the family loved the food.
Highly recommend!!

Recommend for milk, egg and peanut: Yes

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