Magic Kingdom Outdoor Cart Food Allergy Ingredients

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This gallery contains the items for sale, and their ingredients, at various food carts in the Magic Kingdom. Use this as a guide for what you might find at the food carts. Keep in mind that the items change and the manufacturers may change their ingredients. So, always double-check before purchasing these items.

Sanaa food allergy quick review

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This quick review was provided by Dan, whose mate is allergic to tree nuts.

Dining tree nut free at Sanaa in Disney's Animal Kingdom LodgeFor day three of my recent Disney trip, I convinced my companion to try eating at Sanaa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge resort. Given that he doesn’t like Indian food, this one was a challenge for both of us.

First up, I have to give major props to the chef who helped us here. I believe her name was Carroll. She was very sweet and understanding, considering that I was very high maintainance about my food.

One thing that I immediately liked about this restaurant is that they have special menus designed for nut allergy guests, showing what one can eat, while omitting everything else.

Indian food in restaurants scares me, because I know they often use nuts as thickeners, and because some of the ingredients are unfamiliar to me. I went with the safe option – tandoori chicken.

Though I was still armed with a boatload of questions. The chef presented me with a full list of all of the ingredients in the dish, and even checked some bottles to better answer my questions.

One ingredient that I was nervous about was Tanzanian olive oil. I’ve read some stories about olive oil being occasionally diluted with hazelnut nut oil overseas, so I had some worries with that item. The chef was very understanding and ended up making a special version of tandoori chicken for me using the ingredients that I was comfortable with.

The dish was very tasty, and in particular, the rice that came with it was amazing (I want their recipe for basmati rice!)

For dessert, there were three safe options – bamboo rice pudding, margo sorbet, and a fruit kulfi. They were also open to me getting the chai cream as well, though its not on the dessert menu proper (but part of a trio dish).

In the end, I opted to not eat dessert (I was full and didn’t really feel like experimenting any more for one night).

Also of note – my companion was able to get an Indian spice-free meal. He got the steak (minus the chutney it comes with) and potatoes. They
were really great about accommodating his culinary preferences as well.

Recommend for tree nuts: Yes

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‘Ohana food allergy quick review

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This quick review was provided by Meghan, whose son is allergic to milk, egg and peanut.

'Ohana food allergy reviewWe did the character breakfast and had a great meal and experience. We had a party of 11 ages 4-66. My 4 year old son is allergic to milk, egg and peanut. The chef came out and explained their food prep and the would make a buckwheat waffle with sides of bacon, sausage and potatoes for him. My son doesn’t like sausage or potatoes so he didn’t eat either but he loved the waffles, bacon, fresh fruit and juice. I taste tested the waffles and they were really good! The character interaction was fun for everyone. I was skeptical because my 4 year old twins weren’t familiar with Lilo and Stitch, but they thought Stitch was funny. They loved meeting Mickey and Pluto. The rest of the family loved the food.
Highly recommend!!

Recommend for milk, egg and peanut: Yes

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Chefs de France gluten free – quick review

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This quick review was provided by Norienne, who is gluten free due to Celiac Disease.

Chefs de France gluten freeI was somewhat concerned about Chefs de France, as I had read a review where someone with food allergies had a terrible experience. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded!

My husband and I came here for dinner. I had noted my dietary restrictions when making the reservation, and mentioned them again to the hostess when we checked in. We were seated just a few minutes past our reservation time. Our waitress was very nice. I asked her about seeing a chef, and she told me that nearly everything on the menu except the pasta could be done gluten-free. She said to look through the menu and see what I wanted, and she would go and double-check with the chef.

Gluten-free duck breast and leg confit at Chefs de France - EpcotI ordered the duck breast and leg confit with cherries, sweet potato puree, and patty pan squash. A few minutes later, the chef came out and explained that the sauce the duck usually came with was made with a roux and thus not gluten-free, but that he could substitute another sauce, which I said would be fine. Soon after, my husband was given a demi baguette and I was given a warmed gluten-free roll, which was a little dry but still nice to have. The duck was very good. The sauce was served on the side and was, I think, the sauce that usually goes with the short ribs. It was rich and had pearl onions in it, and went better with the duck and cherries than I would have expected. The sweet potato puree was smooth and velvety, and the patty pan was perfectly cooked and well seasoned.

For dessert, I was offered sorbet, chocolate mousse, or creme brulee. I chose the creme brulee, and it was my favorite dessert of the entire trip. Overall, everything was delicious and I would definitely recommend it.

Recommend for gluten: Yes

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Gluten Free at Biergarten Germany – Quick Review

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This quick review was provided by Rita, who is allergic to gluten.

Food allergies at Biergarten RestaurantThe buffet at Biergarten gave me plenty of variety and choices. I have celiac disease and cannot have any wheat gluten. The pleasant manager/chef came out and walked me along the buffet and told me what was gluten free and what was not. I was even given a dessert just for me. It was wonderful!

Recommend for gluten: Yes

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Food allergy options for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

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Charlotte and Duffy at Disney World during ChristmasWe just received this from Disney World’s Special Diets team, in preparation for our upcoming trip. This will be our second MVMCP and it’s doubtful that we’ll take advantage of these food allergy safe treats, because we’ll be having too much fun!

The party is such a blast, with all of the special events and low crowd conditions. We really had a great time two years ago, but there was so much to do that we couldn’t do it all. So, while we probably won’t be stopping for food allergy free treats, it’s so nice to know they are available.

Here’s the list. We’ve seen this on other websites, but decided to post a nice big, more legible copy. Click the thumbnail for a big version, about 2MB in size.

Food allergy options at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas PartyMeet the 7 Dwarfs at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Here are the maps for the Christmas Party, too. Great for planning!

Pepper Market food allergy review

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Pepper Market at Coronado SpringsChef Ricardo rocks! He really went above and beyond his duty to help us.

We explained how much our daughter loved the Maya Grill and the build-your-own tacos she had there. He basically prepared the same thing for her lunch. My husband and I ate from the “buffet” where, basically, you walk around to each of the “market” booths and select your meal, quick service-like.

The next day, we knew Chef Ricardo was working during breakfast. So, we returned to the Pepper Market and he met us at the table to discuss our daughter’s options. She told Chef Ricardo that she loved the allergen-free Mickey Waffles, eggs and bacon. As a surprise, and big treat, he made Mickey pancakes! It was so exciting for her!

We told him about our Disney cruise and asked if it was possible to get anything “to go” so that we would definitely have safe food for her when we boarded the Disney Dream the next day. When you board the cruise ship, the quick service pool-side restaurants are open, and the pizza and ice-cream are readily available. And, while we could possibly speak to the head chef to prepare something safe, it wasn’t a sure bet. So, Chef Ricardo made us a “to go” version of her favorite build-your-own tacos to take with us when we boarded the cruise ship. It turned out to be the perfect option.

Chef Ricardo showed so much concern and was so happy to help. He gave us his personal contact information for our next visit, any time we need to get our daughter a safe Mexican fix. Of course, not only is he willing to do this for us, he stays in contact with many other families that have visited his restaurant. We love Chef Ricardo!

Getting back to Disney

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Food allergies at Disney WorldIt’s been a crazy few months for us. We decided to move 5 months ago and managed to sell our house in a tough market. Moves are never easy, but we made the move in time to start our daughter in school. Next up, Liz needed to have surgery, which became our priority over the past 6 weeks. Everything is progressing very well, but it’s been extremely difficult to update the website on a regular basis since she is the creative source for our website, which has become a labor of love.

Now we’re back. Our next Disney trip is in late November and we’ve also booked another Disney Cruise in April.

And we’re going to be posting more of our reviews, and we’re ready for more guest reviews and quick reviews from our readers.


Great new interview with Disney’s Culinary Dietary Specialist

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Disney Culinary Dietary Specialist Gary JonesOur friends over at recently inteviewed Gary Jones, Culinary Dietary Specialist of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. He discusses their approach, training and other dietary initiatives.

Some interesting data from the interview include the 625,000 guests who visited Disney World and Disneyland with one or more food allergies. He also mentions that guests visiting with 3 or more food allergies is not uncommon and does not “stress us out”. And he includes some tips for visiting with special dietary needs. Mainly, it’s all about planning accordingly, especially if you have multiple food allergies, including guests with especially complex food allergy combinations.

Here’s a link to the article:

LeFou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern – ingredient list

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LeFou's Brew ingredient listHere are the ingredients for LeFou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern, as found in the food allergy book in July 2013. While it was cool and free of our daughter’s food allergies, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts, she was not a fan of these combination of flavors. Also, this is LeFou’s Brew without the souvenir mug.