Latest podcast featuring Erin McKenna’s Bakery in Disney Springs

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Erin McKenna's Bakery in Disney WorldIn the latest episode of Food Allergy FastPass, we speak with Nessa from Erin McKenna’s Bakery in Orlando.

We had a great conversation and learned more about the bakery, including:

  • Food allergy policies and the move to “allergen friendly” in addition to vegan and gluten-free.
  • Why Babycakes NYC became Erin McKenna’s Bakery.
  • New products, like milkshakes, and special items for the Holiday Season.
  • New services, like Disney-owned restaurants and wedding cake delivery!
  • Locations in the Disney Parks, including a new location in the Magic Kingdom, in addition to the Animal Kingdom location.
  • Locations in the Disney Resorts.
  • Future possible plans, like Disneyland and Disney Cruise Lines.

And many more tidbits. Check out the Food Allergy FastPass podcast!


Disney World Food Allergy Trip Report

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This trip report was graciously provided by Gillian, whose daughter is severely allergic to dairy and eggs.

gillian-montageWe’ve been home for 4 days now and I’m in Disney withdrawal.  It didn’t help that we got a few flakes of snow this afternoon.  Boo!

Anyway, since I still have Disney on the brain, I thought I’d take a few minutes to tell you how our trip went, and our experiences at the different restaurants with our daughter’s milk and egg allergy. Initially, it had been my intention to take proper photos and write some reviews, but I usually food we were so hungry by the time the food came, it always slipped my mind!

Overall, we had a positive experience.  Our daughter did not suffer any allergic reactions, and we were able to find  allergy safe snacks and treats around Disney.  We found the table service restaurants all good at accommodating her allergy, though some offered more selection to her than others, and some chefs stood out more in their willingness to prepare something “special” for her.  We did find the allergy menus were pushed on us, and in two cases the chefs refused to make anything not listed on the children’s allergy safe menu.  (Ill elaborate in more below).  At  character buffets the chefs wanted us to walk the buffet with them, but when I said I didn’t want my daughter to eat off the buffet they always brought food directly from the kitchen without any further issue.  We had multiple minor issues at QS places, which left be feeling frustrated and frankly nervous about trusting the kitchen staff.



If you would like to review any Disney restaurant, submit a food allergy dining Quick Review.

Food allergy-free breakfast and lunch at Everything Pop

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We stayed at the Pop Century during our trip in February. On the morning we were planning to visit Hollywood Studios, we grabbed a quick breakfast at Everything Pop, the quick service restaurant. We asked for a chef over by the grill area and, a few minutes later, we met Chef Jesus. Charlotte told him about her dairy, peanut and tree nut allergies, and requested bacon, scrambled eggs, and pancakes. Chef Jesus said it was no problem, then gave us a pager and a payment slip. This gave me time to get something for myself, then make our way over to the cashier and find a table. As we sat down, our pager went off and we met Chef Jesus back at the kitchen. Charlotte loved the breakfast, eating most of it. Then we took off to Hollywood Studios in time for the gate opening and flew over to sign up for the Jedi training.

On our final day at Disney World, we decided to stop into Everything Pop for one more safe meal before hitting the road. Following the same steps to request a chef, we met Chef Heather. This time, after explain her food allergies, she requested grilled chicken and fries. And Chef Heather delivered! Charlotte said it was one of the best meals she had on this trip. Afterwards, she had a few small cupcakes from Erin McKenna’s Bakery, which is also available at Everything Pop!

Special Mouse podcast interview of Allergy Free Mouse

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Special MouseBack in 2012, Kathy Kelly interviewed us and she reposted it on her Special Mouse site here. She just posted our latest discussion in her podcast. We discuss a lot of things, including some you might not think about when traveling to Disney World. We also discussed the new Allergy Menus that have been appearing at restaurants all over Disney World.

Follow this link to the Special Mouse podcast.