Disneyland’s Blue Bayou food allergy guest review

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Julie Trone, from Allergy Free Table, submitted this review from their trip to Disneyland last summer.

Late in the afternoon last July after a full day on the rides at Disneyland we entered New Orleans Square to dine at the Blue Bayou, a Cajun and Creole style restaurant that is conjoined with the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.   Boats quietly stream through the dining area filled with families on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride as dim lights twinkle, crickets chirp, frogs croak, and the décor evokes a feel of the bayou after nightfall.   It feels cooler in temperature, calmer in spirit, and comfortable for allowing our minds and bodies to recharge after a day of fun-filled high energy excitement in the hot summer sun.

Although not surprising during summer break; that afternoon every table was filled.   Anticipating this, we had made reservations before visiting the park, and our large party of 12 waited about 20 minutes to be seated.  The waiting area was crowded however and some of us explored the shops at New Orleans Square or watched musicians and jugglers stroll by to pass the time.  During the busy season, many families walk in to escape the sun and heat looking for a cooler and unique place to dine so making advance reservations is highly recommended.

Soon after we arrived we informed the host that we had dietary restrictions in the form of food allergies and intolerances.  Once seated at a very long table we talked with our waiter about our son’s food allergies (dairy, tree nuts and peanuts) and my intolerances.  He graciously explained that he would send the chef out to our table to make sure our order was prepared correctly.  (Thank you Joel Schaeffer…who instituted this service…it is fantastic)  The chef was very helpful and took my order and my son’s order personally, while the waiter took orders from the rest of our table.  He crouched down to our eye level, asked what foods we need to avoid and talked about how he would prepare our son’s meal.   The chef’s presence, assuredness, and menu suggestions were a welcomed relief to me as a parent and someone who also has a limited diet.  We were both able to eat the Tesoro Island chicken, a roasted chicken without any of his allergens or my intolerances …gluten and soy.  A side of pasta rounded out our son’s meal.  The bread was off limits since it contained dairy however not uncommon among restaurant breads.  I was able to indulge in roasted potatoes and vegetables …yum.

DIsneyland Blue Bayou food allergy reviewWhen the meals arrived, the allergen free meals had flags in them to identify that they were specially prepared.  The chef again returned and informed us the allergen free meals were prepared by him personally.  Overall our experience was fantastic.  We were very impressed how smoothly things went, especially given how busy it was; we normally dine out only during slow times to minimize risk.  Even though it happened almost a year ago our son is still delighted by his experience at the Blue Bayou.



Julie Trone, of Allergy Free Table, has written two books on food allergies, Food Allergies & Schools, Pocket Guide for Educators, and Food Allergies & Children, Pocket Guide for Parents.

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Disneyland Rancho del Zocalo review

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We are so excited to have Karen provide this guest review of her gluten free dining experiences at Disneyland.

The Happiest Place on Earth just got a little happier, because Disneyland serves gluten free food! It’s true! At Rancho del Zocalo, a quaint Spanish-style restaurant near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, I spoke with the chef, and she instructed the cooking staff how to prepare my gluten free meal. I enjoyed an enchilada for the first time in a long time! Delicioso!

Gluten free at Rancho del Zocalo in DisneylandMexican food isn’t the only thing that’s gluten free at Disneyland, though. Apparently, they offer gluten free pizza at Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland and many other items throughout the park! In fact, I ordered an ice cream at Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street, U.S.A., and the staff turned into the enchanted servants from Beauty and the Beast, washing ice cream scoops and opening new tubs of “non contaminated” ice cream to ensure a gluten free experience!

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor - gluten freeNow, if only New Orleans Square could come up with a gluten free sourdough bowl with gluten free clam chowder, it really would be the place where dreams come true!=)

For more gluten free tidbits by Karen Pickrell, visit kareninreallife.com!=)


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Disney World, Disneyland and more Disney with food allergies – Guest Post

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Diana shares her many experiences with food allergies at multiple Disney properties in this fabulous guest post.

We all want to see the world, right?  And have experiences and memories, right?  But when you sit in that room and your doctor says your kid (or you!) have a food allergy; the thought of travelling seems unattainable.  At least that is how I felt when my son was diagnosed with a life-threatening peanut and tree nut allergy 5 years ago.  I have found that Disney is the answer to how to safely travel and have the confidence to leave the house again.

Cinderella's Castle at Disney WorldWalt Disney World is an amazing place to visit.  The rides, the shows, the sights and the sounds are life-long memories for everyone.  And then there’s the food, and yes, the food is an amazing part of any Disney vacation—yes, even those with food allergies.

Walt Disney World is almost legendary in their service, including their service to those of us with dietary restrictions.  I know that many great ideas for managing your food allergies at Walt Disney World are on this valuable resource, Allergy Free Mouse, so I will not get into too much, just briefly run thought the main things to do.

  1. Make your dining reservations in advance, if you can.
  2. Mention your allergy when you make the reservation. They will give you a phone number to the restaurant to call the day before your reservation, you will also get a special needs form to fill out and they will send it to all the restaurants that you will be going to.
  3. When you arrive, remind them of your food allergy.

Once you are seated the chef will come out to talk with you.  We have had many chefs at different restaurants, come to our table and walk us through the buffets.  They will also make certain items back in the kitchen and bring them directly to you to avoid cross contamination.  That’s the only way my son gets a Mickey waffle, and he loves them.

Eating with food allergies at DisneyAt quick-service restaurants, they have binders with allergen information in them, just ask for it.  And don’t be afraid to ask for the manager or chef, they are more than happy to come up to talk with you.  There are lots of different options for safe snacks, as well.  Many are labeled, some are not, but if you are in doubt, just ask.  They are very kind about it.

Ok, so maybe you have Disney World down and you are ready to go someplace different?  Let’s look at Disneyland in California first.  Disneyland is very accommodating.  There is not as much information online, like there is for Disney World but you can call Disneyland and ask them everything you want to ask.  They are very helpful.  And again, mention your allergy when making a reservation and be sure to return the special needs form.  When you arrive, if you want to keep asking questions, great!  Just stop in at City Hall and they can give you a list of restaurants that can easily accommodate food allergies.  And just like Disney World, the chefs are more than happy to come out and speak with you.  My family has been to Disneyland twice with nothing but great experiences with my peanut-allergic son.

Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii has the same policies…..and wouldn’t you know it, so does Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Tokyo.  Mention your food allergy or dietary restriction when you make your dining reservations, fill out the special needs form and send it back, then speak to them at the restaurant and you will be good.

Dining with food allergies at DisenyFeeling like a cruise?  Disney Cruise Line is definitely ready and willing to accommodate your needs.  Just mention it when you make your reservation, mention it again when you board, and remind your wait staff at your first meal. You will have the same wait staff for the duration of your cruise, so you won’t have to keep mentioning it to people, which is always nice.  However, you will need to mention it if you eat some places other than the main dining area but, again, they are pleased as punch to help you out.  You can also bring food onboard, if that makes you feel a little better, as well.

Adventures By Disney is an amazing vacation experience.  Travelling the world with Disney’s adventure guides will give you a vacation that you could never have if you went on your own.  However, they are a little different, since you are not staying within a Disney Resort with all the food controlled by Disney.  However, I have spoken with them a couple times and they are more than happy, cheerful even, to work with their vendors to make sure that the food is safe for you or your family members.

Disney travel with food allergiesSeeing the world is back on my to-do list, food allergies and all, and I hope it is back on yours.  We can travel and have amazing experiences around the world.  Does it take a little more work and a few extra steps, yes, but that is ok to ensure a fabulous, safe vacation.