The Polite Pig allergy menu – Disney Springs

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The Polite Pig is a quick service BBQ restaurant in Disney Springs. Along with a great section of BBQ, sauces and beer, they have a food allergy menu.

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Nima gluten-free testing in Disney Springs

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If you live gluten-free, you’ve probably heard of Nima, the portable food sensor for gluten. They recently visited Disney Springs and tested food items for gluten. They sent us a link to their review. Here are the highlights, but be sure to see the entire gluten-free review here.


Jiko Wanyama Safari with tree nuts

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This quick review was provided by Jack, whose daughter is allergic to cashews.

My wife, daughter and I had signed up for the afternoon Wanyama Safari. I specifically registered with Disney and at every restaurant, my daughter’s cashew allergy. Every place was awesome with one absolute MAJOR exception. This was Jiko. Before our trip I called and registered the fact that my daughter had a cashew allergy. I called the morning of our Safari and reminded them of my daughter’s allergy. I was assured that there would be no problem. Because of our other positive experiences with Disney being very good about allergies, I was lulled into a sense of security. As it happened, there was only one other couple that had signed up for the safari. I again, reminded the young lady who greeted us about my daughter’s cashew allergy.

Before the safari they set up a buffet of various finger foods. As is protocol for our family, I went in to the room where the food was presented to check it out. Sure enough there was a bowl of cashews set out. I was shocked by this. I am not exaggerating the redundancy of my checking in with Disney staff about my daughter’s allergy. We had a very near disaster on our hands. We brought this up to the staff and they did nothing. They did not even remove the cashews.

What really surprised me is the fact that I did not receive a response from Disney when I wrote to them about this issue. I do not expect Disney to change everything to suit a person with a cashew allergy. What I have a problem with is assuring me that I would
not have to worry when I did have to worry.

Recommend Jiko for tree nut free?: No

If you would like to review Jiko or any Disney restaurant, submit a food allergy dining Quick Review.

Dole Whip! Dairy-free and available in many places

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Dole Whip - Not dairy-freeOne of the most popular treats at Disney World is the Dole Whip soft serve. A few years ago, we posted about the change in formula, making it dairy-free, but with a cross-contamination risk. However, a couple of years ago, Disney World made the pineapple soft serve the exclusive offering at Aloha Isle, then made the Dole Whip available in several other locations. So, we thought it was time for an update, since our previous posts are still top pages on our website.

While the Dole Whip is now free of most of the top 8 food allergens, it does contain coconut oil and carries a warning for tree nuts. Check ingredients at the Precision Foods website and also, verify with the Cast Member and ask to see the ingredients in their Food Allergy Book.

Where to find Dole Whip at Disney World

Dole Whip at Magic Kingdom

In Magic Kingdom at Aloha Isle. However, Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace swapped places, due to the demand of the Dole Whip. Aloha Isle is now located near the Magic Carpets of Aladdin and the Tiki Room.

Dole Whip at Animal Kingdom

In Animal Kingdom, in Africa at Tamu Tamu Refreshments. Here, you’ll find the classic Dole Whip and two varieties with rum.
Check out the Tamu Tamu menu

Dole Whip at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

At Disney’s Polynesian Resort, at the Pineapple Lanai on the way to the pool. Keep in mind, the Dole Whip served here includes the vanilla flavor, which opens up the possibility for cross-contamination. However, make the Cast Member aware of your allergy and they will take extra caution to avoid cross-contamination. If the Cast Member is unsure, ask for a manager. We found out that some Cast Members haven’t taken the training for food allergies. Those that have, are able to serve it safely, reducing the chances of cross-contamination. 

Pineapple Lanai menu

Dole Whips at Captain Cooks are self-serveYou can also find a Dole Whip dispenser in Captain Cooks, the quick service restaurant. It’s a self service dispenser, so there could be a cross-contamination risk from other patrons.

Also, around the corner at the outdoor Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar, you can find Dole Whips with rum, again.

Dole Whip at Disney Springs

Update! You can now get Dole Whip at Marketplace Snacks. Be aware, the dispenser also has the vanilla soft serve. So, there is a cross-contamination possibility. We spoke to the Cast Member who informed us that they do not follow the same process as the Pinapple Lenai, and sometimes switch the mixers containing the pineapple and vanilla mixes.  Maybe this will change in the future. 

Dole Whip in Disney Springs

Dole Whip at Epcot

Occasionally, you can find Dole Whip at Epcot during festivals, like the Food and Wine Festival, at a kiosk near Canada.

If you spot a Dole Whip at some other location, please let us know!

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater lunch with egg and dairy allergies

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Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater with a food allergy

This quick review was provided Gillian, whose daughter is allergic to dairy and egg.

This was my daughter’s favourite meal all week. Chef Jason spoke directly to her and asked her what she wanted to eat. He prepared a gourmet safe burger with toppings of her choice- sautéed onions, pickles, lettuce and ketchup all on a safe bun served with fries and a glowing Ariel lemonade.

The waiter was also happy to serve both of the kids apple slices (listed as a dessert) as a starter, and they brought out a safe chocolate ice-cream sundae. She loved her meal here. There was one minor hiccup here…for some reason a busser/different waiter delivered a bowl of pickles and mayo to the table where she was sitting. Not sure if that is a standard delivery or was a mistake meant for another table, but in the dark it could have easily been missed or mistaken and accidentally consumed by my daughter if she was younger or less aware.

The darkness in this venue and the way the cars are set up (kids in front, parents in back) may be uncomfortable for some allergy parents, as it makes it more challenging to see and inspect the food being delivered and eaten.

Recommend Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater for dairy and egg free?: Yes

If you would like to review Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater or any Disney restaurant, submit a food allergy dining Quick Review.

Captain’s Grill lunch with dairy and egg allergies

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This quick review was provided Gillian, whose daughter is allergic to dairy and egg.

Our flight landed earlier than expected and we were able to get a last minute unplanned walk-in seating at this restaurant for lunch. My initial impression of this place was very good. I spoke with the host about whether they could accommodate my daughter’s egg and dairy allergy and they showed me an allergy menu that had several options for those restrictions. The seater who walked us to our seat even asked if the restaurant crayons and cutlery were safe for my daughter to use. However, on the walk to the table she commented on how sad it is for kids to have allergies and how much they miss out on. While I know she was trying to be kind it was a very negative way to start our trip as one of the reasons we love Disney, is because we don’t feel we miss out on anything.

The waiter and seater were more than happy to get the chef for us to speak to. The chef came out and we discussed how he could safely prepare the kids shrimp skewer meal and substitute fries for the rice. We agreed on a safe dessert option of Tofutti Ice-cream, Enjoy Life Cookies and Hershey’s Syrup. He said he would check the ingredients on the sprinkles to see if they were safe for her. He explained that they had a dedicated fryer to make the fries and the food would be safely prepared on a separate grill. At that point I was confident that she would be taken care of. That’s when things went unfortunately very wrong.

A busser brought my daughter her meal to the table stacked underneath her sisters open cheese burger, this unfortunately transferred cheese residue all over the bottom of the plate. There was no allergy stick on the food. We waited to speak with the waiter who told us that they remove the allergy sticks before the food is served? Before we could even address the cross contamination issue we noticed that the order was incorrect…she had been sent brown rice instead of fries. The plate was sent back to the kitchen and I was told a new one would be prepared. Minutes later the skewer of shrimp returned with extra shrimp added to it and a pile of green beans and we were told we would have to wait for fries to be prepared. Concerned about the food, we inspected it closely and found penne noodles covered in an oily residue buried within the green beans. We decided to allow her to eat the shrimp only, which unfortunately by this time were cold and terribly over salted, and waited for the fries which were brought out 10 minutes later. I probably should have complained more but we were so tired and hungry we figured she could at least eat the dessert the chef had promised.

Once again when dessert arrived it was not what was ordered. She was sent a bowl of Tofutti on a plate with Hershey’s M&M’s, Sprinkles and Syrup. I immediately noticed the M&M’s and pushed the dessert away. At this point the waiter, began adamantly stating that M&M’s were safe for dairy allergies. I literally had to google an ingredient list to show him that they contained milk and were not safe. He took them back to the kitchen and then came back and apologized, bringing me a bottle of brand new unopened Hershey’s syrup. The cookies never arrived. I asked to speak with the chef but was told he was too busy with the rush to speak to me about what happened. Instead the waiter offered free light out Tinkerbells and was very apologetic.

We were very happy to have avoided what could have been a very serious reaction. However, the series of events that occurred during this meal service showed me that there were multiple places were further allergy training was required with the staff on duty at the time. We were very glad that this was our only disappointing experience of the entire trip.

Recommend Captain’s Grill for dairy and egg free?: No

If you would like to review Captain’s Grill or any Disney restaurant, submit a food allergy dining Quick Review.

Skipper Canteen with dairy and egg allergies

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Disney's Skipper Canteen with food allergies

This quick review was provided Gillian, whose daughter is allergic to dairy and egg.

Before dining at this restaurant I reviewed the menu and found on-line versions of the allergy menu so that I would have a good idea of what might be safe for my daughter ahead of time. It was a good thing I did, because we were told that there were no allergy menus available on that day.

The waiter brought the chef who asked what she would like. He told us many of the proteins could be prepared safely. WE asked if the Tiki Tiki Fishy Fishy on the regular kids menu would be safe and he said it was and he would make sure she got some trainer chopsticks to eat it with! She was also able to have the feature frozen slushy from the menu and a full plate of Enjoy Life cookies.

Recommend Skipper Canteen for dairy and egg free?: Yes

If you would like to review Skipper Canteen or any Disney restaurant, submit a food allergy dining Quick Review.

Cape May breakfast with dairy and egg allergies

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Cape May dairy and egg allergies

This quick review was provided by Gillian, whose daughter is allergic to dairy and egg.

Our favourite character buffet breakfast on property both from a non food allergy and food allergy standpoint. We loved our breakfast experience so much here, we dropped two other breakfast reservations to revisit this place 3 times during our week stay.

The restaurant atmosphere is more spacious and relaxed than some of the other character breakfast locations and the buffet selection is vast and delicious. Chefs Mace and Christian really looked after my daughter here. She had Mickey Waffles, bacon, sausage and smoked salmon, asparagus, sliced tomatoes, fruit loops, Erin McKenna DONUTS, fruits, hot oatmeal, chocolate and regular soy milk. What a treat!

On one of the days I had concerns about the “look” of the allergy waffles. Chef Mace promptly came back to the table and addressed my concerns, taking the time to explain why they looked a bit different and how they had been safely prepared. We felt very safe letting her eat here.

Recommend Cape May for dairy and egg free dining?: Yes

If you would like to review Cape May or any Disney restaurant, submit a food allergy dining Quick Review.

Lunch at Crystal Palace with mulitple food allergies

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This quick review was provided by Beth, whose daughter is allergic to dairy, egg, tree nuts, sesame, fish, and mustard.

Disney World's Crystal Palace with peanut and tree nut allergiesWe had lunch at the Crystal Palace and had a wonderful experience. My daughter has multiple food allergies – and she was only 3 at the time – so finding something for her to eat is never easy. We let the server know about her allergies, and very soon thereafter, the chef came to our table to show me what was safe at the buffet. There were a few options, but of course she wanted something they didn’t have, a hot dog with french fries. The chef immediately told me that was not a problem at all; he would just ask the nearest restaurant with those items to send them over. He said they did that all the time and was happy to do so for us.

We didn’t wait long at all, and she especially didn’t notice the wait because she was hugging all the characters. They brought her two hot dogs and a huge pile of french fries with a side of fruit. She was happy, and we all had a great time.

Recommend Crystal Palace for dairy, egg, tree nuts, sesame, fish, mustard food allergies?: Yes

If you would like to review Crystal Palace or any Disney restaurant, submit a food allergy dining Quick Review.

Latest podcast featuring Erin McKenna’s Bakery in Disney Springs

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Erin McKenna's Bakery in Disney WorldIn the latest episode of Food Allergy FastPass, we speak with Nessa from Erin McKenna’s Bakery in Orlando.

We had a great conversation and learned more about the bakery, including:

  • Food allergy policies and the move to “allergen friendly” in addition to vegan and gluten-free.
  • Why Babycakes NYC became Erin McKenna’s Bakery.
  • New products, like milkshakes, and special items for the Holiday Season.
  • New services, like Disney-owned restaurants and wedding cake delivery!
  • Locations in the Disney Parks, including a new location in the Magic Kingdom, in addition to the Animal Kingdom location.
  • Locations in the Disney Resorts.
  • Future possible plans, like Disneyland and Disney Cruise Lines.

And many more tidbits. Check out the Food Allergy FastPass podcast!