Chef Mickey’s restaurant review

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Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Resort

Chef Mickey's entry

Chef Mickey’s restaurant serves breakfast and dinner at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, located next to the Magic Kingdom. Mickey and the Gang are here to pose for pictures at your table, sign autographs, and generate a whole lot of excitement. They move around pretty fast, so be prepared! Donald was hilarious with his “I’m #1 antics!” They dance and delight everyone, of all ages.

Like at other restaurants, we told the maître d’ about our daughter’s dairy allergy. They gave us a receipt with the food allergy indicated. We love these, as it makes you feel more comfortable and a bit more relaxed. However, make sure the server sees it. They have never failed to, but always make sure.

Chef Mickey’s is a buffet. Like other buffets, our daughter does not eat from the actual buffet. I checked out the buffet and when our waiter brought out the chef, I gave him some options for her. He was very accommodating and made her a delicious and safe breakfast. She had tater tots, (Mickey shaped) dairy-free and wheat-free waffles, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit. She drank orange juice and a had special allergy-free cupcake that the head chef makes for diners with food allergies. Yay! We asked for this cupcake, so you might need to, also. I knew it was breakfast and not really a time to order dessert.

The buffet contains cereals, omelets, fried potatoes, bacon, sausage, cheesy egg casseroles, grits, pancakes, French toast,waffles, and fresh fruit. Lots of food! They will try to make anything they can for your child, or yourself — just ask the chef! Donald, we love you! You’re #1 in our book! Chef Richard is tops, too!

If you have dined at Chef Mickey’s with your food allergy, please share your experience with us by commenting below, or using our contact form.

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater review

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The Sci-Fi Drive-InWhat a blast from the past! We love this quirky restaurant in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While sitting in convertible 50’s cars, you can dine on sandwiches, Angus burgers, steaks, salads, shakes, soft drinks, beer and wine.

While enjoying your “car hopped” delivered dinner, enjoy B-movie sci-fi flicks and monster movie fun, from long ago, on a giant screen. You will feel just as if you are parked at a drive-in theater with great food. Enjoy the glow-in-the-dark ice cubes in your drinks!

Sci-Fi Dine-In interiorBe sure to tell the front desk that you want a car and not a table!

There are plenty of allergy free options at the Rainforest Cafe. Burgers, sandwiches and bruschetta can be made on Ener-G rolls. Allergy free chicken tenders are also available. For our daughter, we met with the chef and requested a grilled chicken sandwich on Ener-G rolls, french fries cooked in a dedicated allergy-free frier, and fresh fruit. At the time, they did not have Enjoy Life, Divvies or French Meadow Bakery products, so we gave her an Enjoy Life chocolate bar that we brought, just in case. On your Special Diets request form, be sure and specify what you would like for dessert, or any part of the meal, and Disney Special Diets will make every effort to have it for you, especially if you give them plenty of notice.
Sci-fi Drive-in car that's also a tableFriendly Sci-Fi Drive-in diners








The Crystal Palace review

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Winnie the Pooh, and a buffet, too.


This is a great Character Dining experience. However, the buffet is a real opportunity for food allergy cross-contamination.

We visited the Crystal Palace for lunch. We arrived a bit earlier than our reservation but, after a little wait, they were able to accommodate our little party of three. The hostess had our dairy allergy noted on the reservation receipt that she supplied to our waitress. We also discussed the allergy with the waitress and asked to see the chef. The Crystal Palace was packed at lunchtime, so it took a little while for the chef to visit. However, once he came by, he listened carefully and offered a tour of the buffet to discuss options.

It’s huge buffet, with a lot of variety, but very little to offer that was completely dairy-free. We opted for a freshly prepared meal of allergy-free chicken fingers, french fries and apple slices. Even if we had found dairy-free items on the buffet, we would have requested a fresh version, since the buffet is frequented by kids and other adults who have very little understanding of cross-contamination and the impact to those with food allergies.

For those without food allergies, The Crystal Palace buffet is excellent, if you like big buffets. It full of American style food, with a lot of variety for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And it, of course, includes a dessert buffet. Again, there was nothing dairy free or clear of cross-contamination issues, so we skipped it.

The Winnie the Pooh gang was really exiting for our daughter. She met them all, and there was plenty of time for photos, autographs and hugs. Unfortunately, they also hug every other kid in the place. And the other kids were most likely in the middle of eating something just before the hug. This is how we learned about food allergen exposure via fur. As we were getting ready to leave, we noticed hives on my daughter’s face. She wasn’t having any difficulty breathing or sneezing, but we gave her the doctor recommended dose of Benadryl. We believe, based on the location of the hives and the fact that she didn’t exhibit any other symptoms of exposure, the contact must have from one of the Disney characters when she was hugging them.

Other than the food allergen contact from the characters, the dining experience was nearly perfect. Overall, The Crystal Palace was a bit hectic, and the food was good, but meeting the Disney Characters is the best part. Just be careful if food allergen contact with skin is an issue. Be sure to wipe down the chairs and table, and your child after they meet the characters.

Price range: $15 – 35 for breakfast and lunch / $36 – $59 for dinner

Location: Main Street in the Magic Kingdom

Disney Characters: Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger

Princess dress-up

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Princess dress-up

Does your little one like to dress as one of the Disney characters while visiting the park? If so, keep in mind that a lot of the costumes aren’t easy, or maybe impossible, to wash. And, after a day at the Magic Kingdom, your little one has probably come into contact with milk, peanuts or some other food allergen.

Food allergies at Disney - buy a good costumeIf your child in sensitive enough to food allergens to cause hives, or worse, on contact, you will need to clean it thoroughly. Therefore, it’s important to get a costume that is machine washable. Chances are, if you’re visiting Disney for several days, they may want to wear it more than once. Also, the machine-washable costumes are more durable and stand-up better to a day (or more) at Disney, plus they’re much softer and not the least bit itchy. The dress in these pictures is about to take its third trip to Disney. And we just bought this one [EDIT: no longer in business 🙁 ] for the next trip, too.

If you’re planning to visit the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and get the full treatment, you will end up shelling out a ton of money for the hair, costume and accessories, just to have your little Princess begging to take off the costume an hour after leaving. So having a quality costume, that is comfortable and machine washable, is something you might want to consider. If you haven’t taken your Princess to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, try to budget it in. The experience is something she will never forget. And it’s excellent to do this just before a Character Dining event like Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall review

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Akershus Royal Banquet HallThe best Disney Princess experience

Located in the Norway Pavilion in Epcot, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall provides a true Disney Storybook Dining experience. Like Cinderella’s Royal Table, the setting is medieval and there are plenty of Disney Princesses roaming around, signing autographs and posing for pictures. The difference is that it is much more relaxed and the Princesses spend more time at your table.

Price range: $15.99 – 35.99.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in a Norwegian castle. The breakfast is served family style and contains more American fare, while lunch and dinner are more authentically Norwegian.

We prefer the breakfast, complete with a potato dish that is part casserole and part home fry. It’s truly delicious. The meal also includes bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, fruit, biscuits and pastries.

Princess encounters at Akershus Royal Banquet HallLunch entrees include a salmon burger, open-faced chicken sandwich, Kjottkake (Norwegian meatballs), venison sausage sandwich, mushroom-stuffed pasta and oven-roasted chicken breast. Dinner includes pan-seared salmon, oven-roasted chicken, Kjottkake, mushroom-stuffed pasta, pork tenderloin, seared herb-dusted beef tips and the chef’s catch-of-the-day.

Kids entrees include grilled chicken breast, cheese ravioli, pizza and hot dogs.

When we arrived, we discussed our daughter’s dairy allergy with the hostess. The hostess informed the server of our daughter’s allergy, and we confirmed it with her. After meeting with the chef, he prepared our daughter scrambled eggs, bacon, dairy-free waffles, and fresh fruit. The meal was wonderfully prepared and completely dairy-free.

Sleeping Beauty at AkershusThe Disney Princess visits are much more relaxed at this Character Dining event. They make their rounds, visiting each table in turn, signing autographs and talking with the kids. They will allow you plenty of time to take photographs and videos, making sure you get a good shot.

There is no guarantee of the Princess line-up, though it’s highly unlikely that Cinderella will be there. Belle is the first Princess you meet. As you enter, you’re allowed to pose with her for personal and PhotoPass pictures, plus an autograph. The rest of the Princess encounters may include Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Jasmine and Mulan.

It’s an over-all, fabulous experience for the Princess meetings, food and especially the allergy-free food preparation.


Tusker House review

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Tusker House - Africa - Animal KingdomThe Tusker House restaurant is located in the Harambe village in the Africa area of Animal Kingdom theme park. Breakfast is the character event, called Donald’s Safari Breakfast, and includes Donald, Daisy, Mickey and Goofy, all dressed in safari gear.  The breakfast buffet includes traditional American fare, plus a few unique African influenced dishes.

Tusker House - Safari BreakfastThe breakfast buffet was fabulous! But the best part was the chef’s treatment of our daughter’s dairy allergy. He walked us through the buffet line, asking about her personal likes and dislikes, and about things my daughter could eat, and things she wanted to eat. Then he created a specially prepared dairy-free meal, which he cooked personally. The chef was every bit as wonderful as the Disney characters.

Lunch and dinner include a wide variety of African influenced vegetarian and meat-based options, including curried rice salad, hummus and baba ghanoush, Marrakech couscous, spiced tandoori tofu and spicy South African preserves, according to the menu.

Tusker House - Daisy posing for a photoPrice range: $15.00 – 35.99.

Be sure to identify your allergy requirements to the host or hostess, as soon as you arrive. And also mention your allergy to everyone who waits your table, and ask to speak to the chef before you head to the buffet.

Also, be careful when hugging the characters if you have a contact food allergy.

Tusker House - Goofy signing his autograph


Cinderella’s Royal Table review

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Dining allergy free at Cinderella's Royal TableCinderella’s Royal Table is found in Cinderella’s Castle, of course, set in a Medieval theme.  While Cinderella doesn’t actually attend the event during the meal, other Disney Princesses do, including Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine. Cinderella is available before the meal for photos, including personal and PhotoPass. Like most Character Dining events, your meal is served and the Princesses make their way from table to table signing autographs and posing for pictures. At some point during the meal, the girls will be given magic wands and the boys will be given swords. All will be given Wishing Stars and be prompted by the Fairy Godmother to grant wishes. Dinner now also includes the Princesses. Previously, the dinner time was more for romantic, adult time.

Price range: $36.00 – 56.99.

When you arrive, inform the hostess of your food allergy to be sure you are identified on the check, which will be passed along to your server. When he or she arrives, remind them of your allergy and ask to speak to the chef. When he or she arrive, they will gladly present you with options for dining free of your food allergy and answer any questions you may have about the food preparations and prevention of cross contamination.

And for the rest of your dining party…

The breakfast meal includes all-you-care-to-eat American favorites including bacon, eggs, French toast, granola, yogurt and pastries. You also have your choice of juice, milk, coffee or tea.

Lunch starts with a surprise specialty appetizer, then continues with a main course including choices ranging from pan-seared salmon to pasta al pomodoro for the adults, and chicken strips or other favorites for the kids. The prix fixe menu includes your choice of beverage, and desserts like a seasonal sorbet and chocolate cream cheese buckle.

The dinner menu includes a choice of appetizer, followed by entrees like chicken, lamb or vegetarian cassoulet. The children’s menu includes favorites like chicken strips and mini hot dogs. And, of course, every meal includes a choice of beverage.

The food was good, but nothing to be really excited about. That was okay, considering the real magic is in the experience of meeting the Princesses. However, keep in mind, that their visits are extremely brief, since the have so many tables to visit. When one comes along, you have to be ready with your video and/or still camera, autograph book, and have your little princess or pirate’s face clean and photo ready. They will only spend about a minute at your table. The kids don’t seem to mind, though, because it is so exciting. For a more relaxing, less hectic Disney Princess meeting, try breakfast at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall at Epcot.


Allergen free cake fit for a Disney PrincessFOOD ALLERGY TIP!! We attend Cinderella’s Royal Table on the first day at the “World” to kick off our trip. We go for lunch and order a dairy-free cake to be delivered. The cake is iced to say “Princess Charlotte” and thrills our daughter every time. Then, we take the cake back to our hotel room and store it in the refrigerator, where she can then eat it any time she chooses. Typically, while we eat cinnamon buns from the Main Street Bakery for breakfast, she dives into her cake! That’s always enough to last her a full week!

UPDATE: BabyCakes NYC in Downtown Disney now delivers allergen free and vegan cakes to most table service restaurants. Call (407) 938-9044 for details. A wide range of flavors and options available. A minimum 7 day notice is requested.

Additional allergen free cake options are available at most table service restaurants, with a 7 day notice. Call (407) 827-2253 for details and to order.

Characters with fur!

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Characters with fur!

Hugging characters with furIf your food sensitivity includes skin contact, be especially careful when Character Dining. The Disney characters love to hug, as they walk around and meet the diners, but they may be carrying allergens from other kids who may not wipe their mouths or hands before their time with character. Therefore, be aware of this, and wipe your hands and face after a furry hug.

If you are allergic to peanuts, be careful around the animal handlers at the Animal Kingdom. They sometimes use peanuts as treats for the animals. So, they often have peanut residue on their hands and clothes.

Character Dining

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Character Dining

Dining with the Disney Characters is one of the most exciting and memorable events for the kids, big and small. Some of these Character Dining restaurants are buffets and some have table service. However, most can accommodate a food allergy. Food allergens mentioned in the reviews are listed below each restaurant name.  Be sure to contact the staff first, then make sure the host/hostess and the chef is aware of your food allergy.

'Ohana(Polynesian Resort)
'Ohana dairy allergy'Ohana peanut allergy
Family-style dinner with menu selections influenced by Polynesian dishes.

1900 Park Fare(Grand Floridian)
1900 Park Fare dairy allergy1900 Park Fare peanut allergy1900 Park Fare gluten free
American cuisine buffet. Dine with Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Prince Charming and other Wonderland friends.

Akershus Royal Banquet(Epcot)
Akershus Royal Banquet dairy allergy
Great breakfast event, with a Norwegian buffet, plus you dine with Disney Princesses.

Be Our Guest(Magic Kingdom)
Be Our Guest dairy allergyBe Our Guest peanut allergyBe Our Guest gluten free
Quick service for lunch and fine dining for dinner. In the castle with The Beast!

Cape May Cafe(Beach Club Resort)
Cape May Cafe dairy allergyCape May Cafe peanut allergyCape May Cafe gluten free
New England-style, beachside setting breakfast and a seafood dinner buffet, featuring Mickey & Minnie in beach attire.

Chef Mickey's(Contemporary)
Chef Mickey's dairy allergyChef Mickey's peanut allergy
Chef Mickey and friends host buffet-style breakfasts and dinners. Favorites include Mickey-shaped waffles.

Cinderella's Royal Table(Magic Kingdom)
Cinderella's Royal Table dairy allergy
Dine with Disney Princesses inside the castle.

Cool Ship (Magic Kingdom)
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Cold beverages.

Crystal Palace(Magic Kingdom)
Crystal Palace dairy allergyCrystal Palace peanut allergy
A huge buffet with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore.

Hollywood & Vine(Hollywood Studios)
Hollywood & Vine dairy allergyHollywood & Vine peanut allergy
Breakfast and lunch buffets with Disney Characters. Dinner buffet with savory American cuisine.

Perfectly Princess Tea Party (Grand Floridian)
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Tea with a Disney Princess in the The Garden View Tea Room.

The Garden Grill(Epcot)
The Garden Grill gluten free
Family-style fare with rotating views of the Living with the Land attraction. Chip & Dale make appearances.

Tusker House Restaurant(Animal Kingdom)
Tusker House Restaurant dairy allergyTusker House Restaurant peanut allergyTusker House Restaurant gluten free
Family buffets with African flavors during lunch and dinner. Also, join Mickey and crew on safari at breakfast and lunch.

Would you like to share your allergy-free Disney dining experience with other readers? If so, please submit your review here.



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Dining allergy free at Disney

Allergy-free Chicken Fingers at Disney WorldDining at Disney is always a great experience, thanks to the wonderful food, fabulous Cast Members and the themes of Disney. If you have a food allergy, be sure to ask about your specific allergy at each dining location, and they can possibly accommodate your needs. However, some locations are better than others for specific food allergies. So, refer to this section to learn more about the dining categories and restaurants that might be more accommodating than others for certain allergies.

Disney Dining categories

Dining on a Disney Cruise with food allergies