Disney Cruise – Ordering food allergy-free meals

Order food allergy-free meals on a Disney CruiseOrdering food allergy-free meals on a Disney Cruise

I wish that I had more options for our dairy & beef allergic child, it seems that she had so much chicken, I was starting to worry that she would get burned out on it! It would be better if the chicken had different sauces, maybe. She was served a plain roasted chicken. Teriyaki, BBQ sauce, basil pesto — anything could have helped! All of the bread was made with dairy. 🙁 I wish that I had brought a loaf of Rudi’s bread or Ener-G Rolls with us. Also, there are no allergy-free chicken tenders available, like those found all over Disney World. With the bread, I could have made her chicken-bacon-guacamole sandwiches, teriyaki chicken sandwiches and more.

Update: We spoke to AllergyFree Foods about this. It was a distribution oversite affecting Texas-based Disney Cruises. They should be available now.

I inquired about and found that gluten-free pizzas can be found, however, I was told to speak with the head server to order one. They also had gluten-free rolls available.

How to special order

After each dinner, I was provided menues for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the following day. I chose her meals, wrote them down and gave them to our waiter. See the menus posted for ideas!! This may help you pack for your trip.

For the next cruise, we will pack a loaf of Rudi’s bread, Ener-G rolls, Daiya cheese, Earth Balance butter, BBQ Sauce, French Meadow brownies and her favorite salad dressing.

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