Chef Mickey’s with a dairy and egg allergy

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This quick review was provided by Gillian, whose daughter is allergic to dairy and egg. Read her full Disney World food allergy trip report here.

Chef Mickeys dairy-free egg-free breakfastThe Chef (Enrico?) took me around the buffet and kept telling me it was fine for her to eat off the buffet.  I insisted that we couldn’t risk cross contamination from eggs and dairy and he seemed a little put out initially.  However, after some effusive graciousness and even a couple of thankful tears from mum, he made her a huge plate of Mickey waffles, brought out smoked salmon roses decorated with fruits and plates of safe meats.

Her also gave her a Mickey cupcake for later.  All in all a great meal (just too bad about the initial buffet pushiness).

Read the full Disney World food allergy trip report here.

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