Big news! Dole Whips are now dairy free, maybe

Big news! Dole Whips are now dairy free, maybe

Visit this page for the latest info on Dole Whip at Disney World.

Dole Whip - Now dairy-free

We’re still researching this, but a reader notified us of Dole pineapple soft serve ingredient changes on the Precision Foods website. Basically, they have reformulated it removing the sodium caseinate (a derivative of the milk protein) which now qualifies it as truly dairy-free, lactose-free and gluten-free, as well as free of the other food allergy ingredients in the “big 8 food allergens” by the FDA. In fact, the ingredients also state it is vegan.

Here is the latest Pineapple Dole Whip ingredient list. Dole tells us this also applies to the orange soft serve, too.

However, while the ingredients are dairy free, Disney Special Diets tells us that it may be served on the same equipment as the vanilla soft serve, which does contain dairy. Therefore, cross-contamination is a potential hazard. Additionally, Aloha Isle may not have the necessary preparation space to prevent cross-contamination.

UPDATE: The equipment used to dispense the Dole Whip product has a nozzle for each flavor. However, while this is good news, you should still mention your food allergies to the Cast Member at the Aloha Isle, making sure they take precautions to avoid cross contamination. You might even request a fresh cup from an unopened package.

Again, proceed with caution if you are allergic to dairy and go with your gut instinct if you feel uncomfortable — walk away, it’s just a Dole Whip.

If you have any firsthand experience and can let us know, please contact us.

23 thoughts on “Big news! Dole Whips are now dairy free, maybe”

  1. Any update on this? My daughter has a very severe dairy allergy, so we don’t take chances. However, what an awesome treat this would be (esp since our previous big treat – Divvies cookies – is no longer available.)

    1. The only update is that about the nozzle for each flavor. We, too, are also very cautious and would ask a lot of questions before ordering, as well as request a packaged cup rather than take one off the top.

      Yes, it is a shame that Divvies is no longer available. The replacement, OMG! It’s Gluten Free has a “dairy free” item. However, it’s produced in a facility with all of the other products. So, since we don’t take chances either, we stay away from them, and the Main Street Bakery where we used to buy Divvies and French Meadow Bakery products. Give Special Diets a call and mention that you would like Divvies back in the parks. They tell us they had more complaints that compliments, and that’s what drove the decision to switch.

  2. I have a (new) severe dairy allergy, but love Dole Whips, so was excited to learn here and from the manufacturer that Dole Whip is now dairy-free.

    However, I had seen on other Disney food blog sites that there was a possible issue that at Aloha Isle there was a possible cross contamination issue because allegedly the dairy-containing vanilla soft serve was mixed in the same container as the dairy-free pineapple and orange dole whips, even though the container was washed out between mixings.

    So, I wrote to WDW Special Diets and asked them.

    Their reply was that the pineapple and orange dole whips contain casein.

    They did not address the mixing issue. They did recommend always checking ingredients at the restaurant.

    I don’t know if they are using old stock, were going off an old ingredient list, made a mistake, its due to the mixing issue or another contamination issue, or if Disney’s Dole whip mix really does contain casein, but they said it does.

    Personally, I will go to Aloha Isle on our upcoming trip and ask them directly, including about the mixing issue, and insist on seeing the ingredient list as well.

  3. Don't mess with my heart, they contain mono and diglycerides which usually means SOY so saying they're top 8 free got me unnecessarily excited

  4. Don't mess with my heart, they contain mono and diglycerides which usually means SOY so saying they're top 8 free got me unnecessarily excited