Find the Mouse Contest Winner

Find the Mouse Contest Winner

The winner of the online version of Find the Mouse is Norma S., who found us online and graciously shared her Disney food allergy dining experience with us. It will be posted soon.

Congratulations to Norma, who wins $100.


Enjoy Life Foods sponsored this contest

Sadly, no one who was  aware of the Find the Mouse contest found us in the park. However, we were discovered by lots of interested Disney fans who have food allergies in their families. It was amazing to learn that many of these people had no idea of Disney’s policy for handling food allergies, until they arrived at the park! This has to change and is why we created this website — to share our experience and knowledge.

Not only did these families find out how great Disney was at handling food allergies, but also how delicious the Enjoy Life brand of cookies and sweets are.  People were delighted to find out that Enjoy Life now makes handcrafted cookies in Vanilla Honey and Double Chocolate flavors. Those that baked were excited to find out about, and receive a bag of, the highly anticipated Mega Chunks. Families with little ones always wanted the Chewy on-the-go Bars.

Thanks for the kind words everyone left on our Facebook page and on Twitter, and thanks to those who took the time to send us their Disney food allergy dining experiences. And, once again, thanks to our sponsor, Enjoy Life Foods.





One thought on “Find the Mouse Contest Winner”

  1. Yeah!!! I won! I really won!

    I am a huge fan of Enjoy Life products! The soy-free, dairy-free choices for chocolate treats are my favorite!

    Disney “gets it” when it comes to dealing with food allergies. Awesome for a place as big as the Mouse House!

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