Disney dining reservation system improvement for food allergies

Disney dining reservation system improvement for food allergies

We met with one of the managers of a Disney restaurant yesterday. She had actually already visited the website and was a fan, when she spotted my shirt and came over to tell us about upcoming changes to the reservation system.

Currently, if you reserve a dining reservation online, there is a selection of the top 8 food allergens along with “other” as an option. The new system will allow you to specify in greater detail about your food allergy. It will also generate an additional email to you, or even a phone call, depending on the food allergy, so that Disney may discuss how to accommodate your needs.

This is great for people who have allergies to foods like corn, sesame and other ingredients common in restaurants. It’s just another way that Disney is changing to better serve everyone.

In fact, it’s part of Disney’s constant refinement that is a part of everything they do. The manager also alluded to a need to refine the food handling process as the demand for food allergy-free meals is increasing.

Of course, everyone should still contact the Special Diets team and complete a request form.

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